MCA_DCA6203_Web Technologies_InternalAssignments_Set1_2


COURSE CODE & NAMEDCA6203 – Web Technologies
NUMBER OF ASSIGNMENTS & MARKS02 4 Credits, 30 Marks each


1. a)  Discuss  about  different  protocols  used  on  the Internet.

b)  Explain tags to insert hyperlink and images in the HTML document.           5+5     

Ans (a).

Different  protocols  used  on  the Internet: TCP (Transmission Control Protocol): The TCP corresponds to the transport layer of OSI reference model, The TCP is known as a connection-oriented protocol, which means that a connection is established and maintained until such time as the message or messages to be exchanged by the application programs at each end have been exchanged.

IP (Internet Protocol)

IP is the protocol that controls how data Its Half solved only

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2. a)  Explain different ways of inserting a style sheet.

b)  What do you understand by DHTML? Explain differences between HTML & DHTML. 5+5     10

Ans (a).

There are three ways of inserting a style sheet:

1.  External style sheet

2.  Internal style sheet

3.  Inline styles

External Style Sheet:

If you have to give same look and feel to many pages then it is a good idea to keep all the style sheet rules in a single style sheet file and include this file in all the HTML pages. HTML allows authors to associate any number of external style sheets with a document. You can include a style sheet file into HTML document using <link

3. a)  Explain various events used in DHTML.

b)  What is XML? Explain features and applications of XML.   5+5      10

Ans (a):

There are various DHTML events that will be helpful for us to understand event handling in DHTML:

1.  Onclick Event: If the user clicks the left mouse button, the onclick event for an object occurs only if the mouse pointer is over the object, but if the user clicks the mouse on the object but moves the mouse pointer away from the object before releasing, no onclick event occurs.

In line HTML syntax


4. a)  What is AJAX? How does it work? Explain its advantages.

b)  How do you handle Dynamic HTML with Ajax?        5+5     10


AJAX: AJAX can be used for interactive communication with a database. Database allows  web  applications  to  store  information  in  a  systematic  way,  and retrieve that information later through the use of structured query. Database also allows many clients to access and save information concurrently. It is becoming more sophisticated

Ans (b).

Handling Dynamic HTML with Ajax

DHTML is a powerhouse of option for the Ajax programmer. Like CSS, DHTML offers ways to update and manage your web page. In many ways, DHTML is more powerful than CSS, because by using DHTML, we can alter the HTML in a page. DHTML allows authors to add effects to their pages that are otherwise difficult to

5. a)  How can you load XML Data into an HTML Page? Explain with example.

b)  Write  a  PHP  script  that  retrieve  data  from database table and return the XML string.          5+5    

Ans (a):

Loading XML Data into an HTML Page: The process of fetching data from an XML files to be filled in an HTML table, using DSO (Data Source Object) and JavaScript. DSO is an object that operates like a database on the client side. It will accept information that is organized in a certain way and will manipulate it with its own database engine.

DSO allows data binding

6. a)  Explain different operators used in PHP.

b)  Explain    ASP    AdRotator    Component    with example.    5+5     10

Ans (a)

PHP Operators: In all programming languages, operators are used to manipulate or perform operations on variables and values. There are many operators used in PHP, so we have separated them into the following categories to make