Assignment_DMBA203_MBA 2_Set-1 & 2_Nov_2021

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Set – I

Q 1. What are the various marketing concepts? Explain. 5+5     

Ans 1.

A marketing manager must formulate strategies that can build profitable relationships with the target consumers. Things are continuously changing in terms of business and social changes, customer-related changes, and changes in manufacturing and marketing organisations. Therefore, the organisations should select their marketing orientation Its Half solved only

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Q 2. What is Marketing Information Systems? Write down the characteristics of MIS. 5+5   

Ans 2.

Marketing Information Systems: The importance of marketing information is particularly evident as the economy continues to accentuate services as a primary source of value.

Services depend on information to a great extent. Information is speedily becoming a service in its own right. Mass customisation, often depicted as “one-to-one” marketing or the customising of products and services for individual customers, is heavily dependent on compre

Q 3. Discuss various buying motives. What are the influences of these motives on the purchase process? 4+6


Buying Motives: To begin with, let us understand the different motives that consumers pursue while initiating their decision process. Consumers have different kinds of needs and they do not pursue all their needs at all points of time. Whenever a need gets a direction or goal and all the energies of consumer are targeted towards achieving the goal, it takes the shape of a buying motive

Set – II

Q 4. Define Brand Equity. Elaborate its components. 4+6          


Brand Equity    

Brand equity is the added value that the consumer assigns to the products and services. It is an arrangement of brand assets and liabilities linked to a brand, its name, and symbol that put in or subtract the value provided by a product or service to an organisation and/or to that

Q 5. Discuss the various types of advertisement. 10          


Types of advertisements:

Advertising can be classified into various forms as mentioned below.

Brand advertising – This is the most popular form of advertising. All possible media including television is flooded with brand advertising. Brands like Surf Excel, Pepsi, and Coke in India are shown more frequently on Indian televisions.

National advertising –These advertisements are uniform across the nation and are released through

Q 6. Describe any four international market entry strategies. 10


International Market Entry Strategies: There are two methods to entry into foreign markets. They are indirect exporting and direct exporting. In the first method, the manufacturers take the help of merchant exporters to get products exported to foreign markets. Indirect exporting, the manufacturers decide to export themselves. Thus, the