Assignment_DMBA204_MBA 2_Set-1 & 2_Nov_2021

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Set – I

Q 1 a. What are Information Systems? Distinguish between Information Technology and Information Systems with the help of an example.

b. Explain evolution of computing over decades with diagram. How does the internet and web differ? 5+5

Ans a.

Information Systems: Information systems are collections of computers, networks, software, and people who create, store, modify, and distribute data and information in any organisation. Computers and information technology (IT) are key ingredients of modern information systems (IS). Information technology includes comput- ing devices such as personal computers, notebook computers, personal digital assistants, mobile phones, and various types of networks that allow the comput- ing devices to connect and to communicate.

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Q2. Discuss IT Interaction model with diagram. How Information Systems are proved to be a positive outcome for organizations? 3+7         


The IT interaction model:

Managing IS in organisations is a highly challenging and complex task. One reason for this complexity is that neither organisations nor the IS they use remain static over time – both change continuously, and it is the job of management to ensure that the systems remain useful and relevant for their organizational goals at all times. Organisations change to respond to the needs of the business and economic environment in which they thrive. They may have to change their services, their products, their internal structure, and the manner in which they do their business to

Q3. What are the three components of a modern information technology infrastructure of an organization? Explain with the help of diagram. 3+7       


Types of Information Technology

Historically, information systems were created for specific functions in the organisation and for particular levels of personnel in the hierarchy. Systems for accounting, operations, marketing, and other functions were largely designed, built, and maintained independently with little sharing of data among them. Each system supported the function for which it was designed. It was in this function that the data for the systems originated and the information and reports originat- ing

Set – II

Q4. Discuss the following management systems:

a. Supply chain management systems (SCM)

b. Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)  5+5     


Supply Chain Management Systems

Supply chain management (SCM) systems evolved alongside MRP and ERP. The basic purpose of such systems is to integrate suppliers and vendors of the host organisation that will allow processes to be integrated across organ- isational boundaries. A supply chain of an organisation consists of the vendors and suppliers who provide materials, parts, and services to the organisation. In a

Q5. What is E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce? Explain Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with an example. 5+5 


E-commerce: Electronic commerce, or e-commerce for short, is a phrase that was coined to designate businesses that were created to use the Internet technologies as a basis for transactions. The first

Q6. Discuss the major goals of database systems, emphasizing the need and challenges of data management. 10           


Goals of Database Management System

(1) To remove problem of data redundancy and inconsistency- Different programmers create files and application programs over a long period and these files are likely to have different format and programs are written in different languages. Same information may be duplicated in various files. E.g. address and telephone number of a particular customer may appear in a file that consist of savings- account record and in a file that consist of checking account records,