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SESSION Mar 2024
PROGRAM master of business administration (MBA)


Assignment Set – 1st



  1. Explain the significance of international marketing in the rapidly globalising economy.

Ans: International marketing plays a crucial role in the rapidly globalizing economy for several reasons:- 

Market Expansion: Businesses can expand their market beyond domestic borders, reaching new customers and increasing sales. This diversification reduces dependence on a single market and spreads risk. 

Economies of Scale: By entering international markets, companies can achieve economies of scale in production, distribution, and


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  1. Describe the main difference between Absolute Quotas and Tariff-rate Quotas (TRQs) in terms of how they regulate trade.

Ans: The main difference between Absolute Quotas and Tariff-rate Quotas (TRQs) lies in their mechanisms for regulating trade and the way they control the quantity and cost of imported goods.

Absolute Quotas: 

Definition: Absolute


  1. Explain the issues in international marketing research.

Ans: International marketing research presents unique challenges and complexities compared to domestic marketing research.

Some of the main issues include: 

Cultural Differences: 




Assignment Set – 2nd



  1. Explain the various international pricing strategies in detail.

Ans: International pricing strategies are crucial for companies operating in global markets, as they need to balance competitiveness, profitability, and market share across different countries.

Here are the various international pricing strategies in detail: 

  1. Market Skimming Description: Setting a high price initially and then gradually lowering it over time.



  1. What is meant by Advertising? Explain the different Advertising Media.

Ans: Advertising refers to the practice of promoting products, services, or ideas through various forms of communication to inform, persuade, and influence the target audience’s purchasing decisions or behaviour. It is a crucial component of marketing and aims to create awareness, generate interest,


  1. Explain the Export-Import procedure.

Ans: The export-import procedure involves several key steps and documentation processes that facilitate the movement of goods across international borders.

Here is a detailed explanation of the typical export-import procedure: 

Export Procedure Market