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SESSION Aug/sep 2023
PROGRAM BACHELOR of business administration (BBA)
course CODE & NAME dBB1103 – Business Environment

30 Marks each



Assignment Set – 1



  1. What are the key points to be understood in environmental analysis?

Ans 1.

Environmental analysis is a crucial component of strategic management and decision-making for businesses in today’s dynamic and complex global landscape. It involves the systematic assessment of various external factors that can impact an organization’s performance and competitive position. To understand environmental analysis comprehensively, several key points must be considered:

Environmental Scanning: Environmental analysis begins with environmental scanning, which is the process of collecting information about the external environment. This includes monitoring political, economic, Its Half solved only

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  1. “Knowingly do no harm” is a part of business ethics. What are the activities considered unethical in business ? 3+7

Ans 2.


Business ethics is a crucial aspect of any organization’s operations, emphasizing moral values and principles that guide decision-making and behavior within the business environment. The principle of “knowingly do no harm” serves as a fundamental tenet of business ethics. It implies that businesses should strive to avoid causing harm to individuals, society, and the environment through their actions. Unfortunately, not all businesses adhere to this principle, and various activities are considered unethical due to their harmful consequences. In this essay, we will




  1. What do you mean by Financial System? What are the main components of a financial system?

Ans 3.


The financial system is a vital pillar of any economy, playing a crucial role in channeling funds from savers to borrowers and facilitating economic growth. It encompasses a complex web of institutions, markets, and intermediaries, all working together to ensure the efficient allocation of resources. This essay delves into the concept of the financial system and explores its main components.

Definition of Financial



Assignment Set – 2



  1. How does foreign direct investment help in the acceleration of economy? How is FDI channelized in India?

Ans 4.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) plays a crucial role in accelerating the economy of a country by fostering economic growth, technological advancement, and employment generation. In the case of India, FDI has become increasingly important in recent years. This essay will discuss how FDI contributes to the acceleration of the economy and the channels through which it is channeled in



  1. In what ways does the public sector help the government and the country?

Ans 5.

The public sector plays a crucial role in supporting the government and contributing to the overall development and well-being of a country. It serves as a key driver of economic growth, social welfare, and infrastructure development. In this essay, we will explore the various ways in which the public sector helps the government and the country.

Economic Stability:


  1. Brief about the corporate social responsibility of business houses towards probable customers and human resource with suitable example.

Ans 6.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the ethical and responsible conduct of businesses towards society and the environment, beyond their primary goal of profit maximization. In the context of probable customers and human resources, businesses have certain responsibilities. Here is a brief explanation along with suitable examples: