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Assignment Set – 1st


  1. What do you mean by Aggregate Demand? Mention the factors which can cause changes in Aggregate Demand?

Ans:Aggregate demand Aggregate demand (AD) is the total demand for final goods and services in the economy at a given time and price level. It is the amount of goods and services in the economy that will be purchased at all possible price levels.

This is the demand for the gross domestic product of a country.

AD = C + I + G

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  1. Inadequate infrastructure of a country is a major obstacle that business faces. (Yes or No, Justify)


Inadequate infrastructure can indeed be a major obstacle that businesses face. Infrastructure encompasses various elements such as transportation networks, communication systems, energy supply, water and sanitation facilities, and physical structures like roads, bridges, ports, and airports.

A lack of or poorly maintained infrastructure can hinder business operations in several ways:

Transportation Constraints: Inadequate transportation infrastructure, such as poorly maintained roads or congested ports, can lead to delays in the movement of goods and increased transportatio


  1. What is Business Environment? Brief about the internal environment of a firm.

Ans:The business environment refers to the external and internal factors that affect the operations, performance, and decision-making processes of a business organization. It encompasses the broader economic, social, political, technological, legal, and competitive forces that shape the business landscape in which firms operate.

The internal environment of a firm consists of factors that are within the organization’s control and influence its






Assignment Set – 2nd



  1. In what ways does the public sector help the government and the country?


The public sector plays a vital role in supporting the government and contributing to the overall development and well-being of the country in several ways:

Service Provision: Public sector organizations deliver essential services and utilities to citizens, including education, healthcare, transportation, public safety, water supply, sanitation, and social welfare programs. These services ensure basic needs are met, enhance quality of life, and promote social equity and inclusivity.

Infrastructure Development


  1. Describe privatization and ways of privatization. What are the objectives of disinvestment?

Ans:Privatization is the process of transferring ownership, control, and management of public assets, enterprises, or services from the government or public sector to the private sector. It involves the sale, lease, or transfer of state-owned assets or businesses to private individuals, corporations, or investors. Privatization is often pursued as a means of enhancing efficiency, improving


  1. Brief about the corporate social responsibility of business houses towards different stakeholders.

Ans:Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to the ethical and voluntary actions that businesses take to contribute to the well-being of society and the environment beyond their legal obligations and economic interests. CSR involves considering the interests of various stakeholders, including employees