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SESSION Aug/Sep 2023
PROGRAM BACHELOR of Business administration
course CODE & NAME DBB1105– Computer Fundamentals



Set – 1


  1. Illustrate the architecture of a computer system and explain the functions of various units. 10

Ans 1.


A computer system’s architecture is the blueprint that defines its structure and organization. It encompasses various hardware and software components working together to execute tasks and process information. Understanding this architecture is crucial to comprehend how computers function. This explanation will delve into the key concepts of a computer’s architecture, highlighting the Its Half solved only

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  1. Explain the Volatile and Non-Volatile memory. 10

Ans 2.


Memory is a fundamental component of modern computing, serving as the repository for data and instructions that enable the functioning of electronic devices. Two primary categories of memory, volatile and non-volatile, play distinct roles in this ecosystem. Volatile memory is characterized by its temporary nature, storing data only as long as power is supplied, while non-volatile memory retains data even when power is disconnected. This distinction is critical in determining how data is


  1. What is the difference between Input and Output Devices? 10

Ans 3.


Input and output devices are essential components of computer systems that play distinct roles in the communication between humans and machines. Input devices are responsible for collecting data and user commands and transmitting them to the computer, while output devices convey processed information from the computer to the user. Understanding the differences between these two types of




Set – 2



  1. Briefly explain the software development process. 10

Ans 1.


The software development process is a systematic approach to creating software applications, encompassing various stages from conception to deployment. It is a crucial aspect of modern technology-driven industries, ensuring the delivery of functional and reliable software products. This process involves careful planning, design, coding, testing, and maintenance, with the ultimate goal of meeting user requirements and solving specific problems. In this brief overview, we will delve deeper into the concept of software development, exploring its core stages and methodologies before


  1. Explain different stages in Software Testing. 10

Ans 2.


Software testing is a critical phase in the software development life cycle that ensures the quality and reliability of a software product. It involves systematically evaluating a software application to identify defects, bugs, or issues that may affect its performance or functionality. The testing process is divided into several stages, each with its specific objectives and activities. These stages



  1. Describe the various Computer Generations 10

Ans 3.


Computer generations refer to the different stages of development in computer technology, each characterized by distinct advancements in hardware, software, and computing capabilities. These generations have paved the way for the modern digital age, evolving from massive, room-sized machines to portable devices with immense processing power. In this discussion, we will delve into the concept of computer generations, exploring the key developments and innovations that have