BCA DCA1104 Understanding PC & Troubleshooting


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SESSION February/MARCH 2024
course CODE & NAME DCA1104 – Understanding PC & Troubleshooting





  1. What is CPU overclocking? Explain its advantages and disadvantages in detail.

Ans: CPU Overclocking Though the CPU and microprocessor are used synonymously, in reality CPU is a part of microprocessor. Microprocessor differs from CPU in a few characteristics like instruction set, bandwidth, and clock speed. Clock speed is the measure of number of instruction sets that the microprocessor executes in one second. Speed margining is another name for overclocking. By overclocking you can make the CPU run faster than the actual speed. This increases the

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  1. Explain different types of expansion slots.


Expansion slots:-


Whenever additional device is required for the system to perform at its full potential you would have to connect devices such as, video controller, SCSI host controller, network card etc. These devices are connected to the motherboard with the help of external connectivity called expansion slots. Expansion slots are slots that allow the system to communicate with the outside world with the help of additional boards. These expansion slots are present at the back of the computer and allow the


  1. A. Describe construction of a hard drive with diagram.

Ans: Hard drive consists of magnetic read/write heads that reads the data from the rotating discs. It consists of the different part which serves the different function of the hard disc. Hard disc consists of one or more rough and solid substrate called as Platters. Platters are made out of aluminium as it is a light material. They are circular in shape and magnetic substances are coated to both the sides of the platters for read/write the da






  1. Explain Blu Ray disk in brief. What are the software standards followed by Blu Ray disk?

Ans: Blu Ray Disk Drive


Blu-Ray Disk is often referred shortly as BD. BD is the advanced version of DVD which is made out of smaller pits and lands. Single Layer BD can store about more than five times the DVD capacity (almost 25 billion bytes) and double layer BD can store up to 50 billion bytes. The name is because it uses blue-violet laser light to read or write the data from the disk. BD uses 0.1mm (milli-meter) cover layer which is used to move the data closer to the lens. Through this we can achive higher


  1. Discuss functioning of Compatibility mode, Nibble mode and EPP mode in parallel port.

Ans: Compatibility mode:


This mode is used to define the basic protocol used in the computers to transfer data from computer to printer. It is also called as Centronics mode. It was mainly designed to serve the dot matrix and older laser printers.


In this mode, data is kept on the data signal and status is checked for errors and busy signals. When this is clear strobe signal is initiated to send the data to the printer. In this mode it carries data rate up to 150 bytes/second at 6 meter or 20 ft. with an AB-cable or up to 150 kbps at 10 meter or 32.8 ft. with a CC-



  1. Discuss maintenance and troubleshooting of a Keyboard.


Maintenance and Troubleshooting


Although difficult intermittent problems might give rise to keyboard errors, generally two simple problems are usually faced by users:


  • Defective cables