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COURSE CODE & NAME DCA1104 & Understanding PC & Troubleshooting CREDITS 4



  1. Explain CPU and its essentials using a diagram. Discuss various modern CPU concepts.

Ans: Modern CPU concepts In order to understand the full concept of the CPU you would have to draw up a very big outline, which is beyond the scope of this book. However, there are certain concepts, which are basic and essential to understanding the PC growing world.

1 CISC vs RISC CPUs: Its Half solved only

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  1. Discuss in detail various components of motherboard.

Ans: Components of Motherboards Before getting into the problems in the motherboard first you must know how it works and what the components of the motherboards are. This section will help you in understanding the various components.

1 Socket and slots Socket


  1. Explain password trouble shooting in CMOS. Discuss briefly features of BIOS.

Ans:  CMOS password troubleshooting

 Password is a means of protecting your system away from the malicious and snooping entities. When there is shift or transfer of system from one person to another or one department to another





  1. Describe construction of a hard drive with diagram.

Ans:Hard disk (hard drive) construction

Hard disks are rigid platters, composed of a substrate and a magnetic medium. The substrate – the platter’s base material – must be non-magnetic and capable of being machined to a smooth finish. It is made either of aluminum alloy or a mixture of glass and ceramic. To allow data storage, both sides of each platter are coated with a magnetic medium – formerly magnetic oxide, but now,


  1. Discuss maintenance and troubleshooting of a Keyboard.

Ans: Although difficult intermittent problems might give rise to keyboard errors, generally two simple problems are usually faced by users:

 Defective cables

 Stuck keys

Defective cables


  1. Discuss functioning of Compatibility mode, Nibble mode and EPP mode in parallel port.

Ans: Compatibility mode: This mode is used to define the basic protocol used in the computers to transfer data from computer to printer. It is also called as Centronics mode.

It was mainly designed to serve