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PROGRAM MASTER of Business Administration (MBA)
course CODE & NAME DMBA204



30 Marks each



Assignment Set – 1


  1. Discuss the history of Computing.

Ans 1.

Computers or general purpose computing devices were invented in the middle of the 20th century, but the ideas they are based on evolved a century earlier. Charles Babbage, a renowned British mathematician, fi rst conceived the idea of a computing device in the 1820s when he was confronted with the problem of errors creeping into navigation charts at the time of their writing. In those days this work was done by clerks who used manual methods of pencils, rough paper Its Half solved only

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  1. What is IT interaction model? Explain.

Ans 2.

Managing IS in organisations is a highly challenging and complex task. One reason for this complexity is that neither organisations nor the IS they use remain static over time – both change continuously, and it is the job of management to ensure that the systems remain useful and relevant for their



  1. How are management information systems different from transaction processing systems?

Ans 3.

Transaction processing systems?    

A transaction is any activity of the organisation that generates information. For example, the activities related to buying a ticket from the Indian Railways generates many transactions, each of which produces information that is recorded by the systems. Some transactions involve exchange of goods or services while others may be purely informational. A transaction processing system



Assignment Set – 2


  1. What are the different ways of making online payments? Explain

Ans 1.

Different ways of making online payments

One of the biggest challenges posed to e-commerce has been the issue of payments. In a typical commercial transaction conducted manually, a customer is able to pay cash for a purchased item or pay by credit card. If it is by credit card, this transaction is verifi ed by a service to ensure that the card is


  1. What are the facilities an organization could have from ‘Customer Relationship Management System’?

Ans 2.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system offers numerous facilities and benefits to an organization. Here are some key facilities that organizations can have from a CRM system:

Centralized Customer Data: CRM systems provide a centralized database where all customer information is stored. This includes contact details, interactions, purchase history, preferences, and any other relevant data. Having all this information in one place allows for easy access and a comprehensive view of



  1. Why is vendor management important? What are the key issues to consider for managing vendors carefully?

Ans 3.

Vendors are located and identifi ed through different processes. Usually, organisations release advertisements stating their requirements in the popular media, and ask for vendors to respond. In other cases, vendors may be found in online and published listings of industry and commerce