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PROGRAM Master of business administration (MBA)
Number OF ASSIGNMENTS & Marks 02

30 Marks each



Assignment Set – 1


  1. What is project management? Explain the phases of project management life cycle.

Ans 1.

Project management:

Project management is the art of organising, coordinating, and controlling the various tasks and resources in order to complete a project successfully.

Project management is the practice of planning, organizing, and overseeing the execution of a project from its initiation to its completion. It involves applying knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to meet

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  1. What do you mean by work breakdown structure? Explain with the help of suitable format.

Ans 2.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

The entire project may be considered to be made up of a number of tasks and sub-tasks placed in different stages called the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The format for WBS design is used differently by different organizatiions. Mostly graphics is used to display the project components as a hierarchical tree


  1. Differentiate between PERT and CPM.

Ans 3.

PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) and CPM (Critical Path Method) are both project management techniques used to plan, schedule, and control projects. While they share similarities and are often used together, there are distinct differences between the two. Here’s a breakdown





Assignment Set – 2


  1. Explain the tools and techniques of quality planning along with its outcome.

Ans 1.

Quality planning is a crucial process in project management that aims to define and establish the quality objectives, standards, and guidelines for a project. It involves determining the quality requirements, identifying the necessary processes and resources, and creating a plan to ensure that the project meets those requirements.

Tools and techniques to


  1. What is contract management? What are its Phases?

Ans 2.

Contract management

Contract management is the management of contracts which is entered with clients, sellers, partners, or employees. It comprises of negotiating the terms and conditions and ensuring the compliance with the terms and conditions, with documenting and approving on any changes or amendments that may



  1. Project termination has negative impact, how can we avoid it?

Ans 3.

Project termination is one of the most serious decisions of a project management team and its control board. The decision of project termination affects all the stakeholders of the project and can put some negative impact on the organisation’s growth. So it is important to critically evaluate all the aspects before taking the decision. The project manager and his or her team members will feel that