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SESSION February – March 2024



Assignment Set – 1


  1. Explain the most common types of organisation structures.

Ans 1.

Organization structures are essential frameworks that define how activities are coordinated, controlled, and delegated in an organization. They establish the formal hierarchy, roles, and responsibilities within an organization. The most common types of organization structures include:

Functional Structure: This is one of the most traditional forms, where employees are grouped based on their common skills and functions, such as marketing, finance, operations, etc. Each department is Its Half solved only

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  1. Elaborate on the Development of Project Network

Ans 2.

The development of a project network is a crucial aspect of project management, as it helps in visualizing and organizing the various activities and tasks involved in completing a project. Here’s a detailed explanation of the development of a project network:

A project network is


  1. What is scheduling and its benefits?

Ans 3.

Scheduling in project management refers to the process of defining, refining, and maintaining a project schedule. It involves determining when each task should start and end, as well as the resources needed for each activity. Scheduling is a critical aspect of project management as it helps in organizing and managing resources efficiently, ensuring timely completion of the project

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Assignment Set – 2



  1. Explain Project Management Information System (PMIS) in detail.

Ans 4.

Project Management Information System (PMIS) is a critical component in modern project management, providing tools and techniques to help project managers effectively plan, execute, monitor, and control project activities. PMIS integrates various aspects of project management, including scope, schedule, cost, quality, communication, risk, and procurement management, into a



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  1. Elaborate on Project manager’s responsibilities.

Ans 5.

The role of a project manager is crucial in ensuring the successful initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling, and closure of a project. Project managers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of a project, from defining the project scope to managing resources and stakeholders. Here is

  1. What are the steps for Closing the Project?

Ans 6.

Closing a project is a crucial phase that ensures all the project’s aspects are properly concluded, and the project’s objectives are achieved. Here are the steps for closing a project:

  1. Final Deliverables Verification: Ensure that all deliverables have been completed and meet the quality