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Assignment Set – 1


  1. Describe tenknowledge areas of the project management discipline 10

Ans 1.

Project management is a multifaceted discipline that encompasses a variety of knowledge areas, each contributing to the successful delivery of projects. Understanding these areas is crucial for project managers to effectively plan, execute, monitor, control, and close projects. Here, we explore ten key knowledge areas of the project management discipline.

  1. Integration Management: This area focuses on ensuring that project elements are effectively coordinated. It involves developing a project charter, project management plan, and guiding the


  1. Explain the Stages in Project Identification. 10

Ans 2.

Project identification is a critical initial phase in the project management process. This stage involves recognizing and defining a project or a business opportunity. The aim is to ensure that the identified project aligns with the strategic objectives of the organization and promises a worthwhile return on

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  1. Represent the project life cycle and its process flows 10

Ans 3.

The Project Life Cycle and Its Process Flows

The project life cycle is a framework that guides the progression of a project from its inception to completion. It involves various stages, each marked by specific tasks, objectives, and outcomes. Understanding this life cycle is crucial for effective project management, as it provides a structured approach to planning, executing, monitoring, and closing projects.

  1. Initiation

The initiation




Assignment Set – 2



  1. Define Quality Concepts. Explain the Shewhart Cycle andProject quality managementthat are used to improve management processes. 2+4+4

Ans 4.

Quality concepts, the Shewhart Cycle, and project quality management are fundamental components in enhancing management processes across various industries. This detailed exploration aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of these elements.

Quality Concepts

Quality concepts



Top of Form


  1. Depict and explain the process of the Purchase cycle. 10

Ans 5.

Understanding the Purchase Cycle

The purchase cycle is a critical concept in both marketing and sales, representing the journey a consumer undertakes from identifying a need to making a purchase and beyond. This process is fundamental to understanding consumer behavior and devising effective marketing strategies. The purchase cycle can be broken down into several distinct stages, each requiring different marketing



  1. Describe the key steps and approaches for effective control of project 10

Ans 6.

Effective control of a project is crucial for ensuring its success. It involves monitoring the project’s progress and performance, identifying any areas of concern, and implementing corrective actions when necessary. Here are the key steps and approaches to achieve this:

  1. Establishing Clear Objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)