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SESSION February 2024
COURSE CODE & NAME OBAS113– introduction to sociology



Assignment Set – 1



  1. What is the significance of sociology and why is it important?

Ans: Sociology, the study of society, social institutions, and social relationships, holds significant importance for various reasons.

It is significant and important for several reasons: 

Understanding Social Structures and Dynamics Insight into Social Institutions: Sociology helps us understand how major institutions like family, education, religion, and the economy shape and are shaped by societal norms and values.

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  1. How is Marx’s conflict theory critiqued, and what are its shortcomings?

Ans: Marx’s conflict theory, a cornerstone of his broader theoretical framework, emphasizes the role of social class conflict in driving societal change. According to Marx, societies progress through the struggle between different social classes, primarily the bourgeoisie (capitalist class) and the proletariat (working class).

While conflict theory has been influential, it has also faced several critiques and identified



  1. What are the key characteristics of social institutions, and how do they function within society?

Ans: Social institutions are structured and enduring practices of human life that are built around well-established rules and norms or are centered on important activities and relationships. They play a crucial role in organizing society, shaping behavior, and maintaining social order.

Here are the key


Assignment Set – 2



  1. Reflect on a recent major technological advancement and its impact on social change in communities or societies.

Ans: One of the most impactful recent technological advancements is the proliferation and evolution of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in the form of large language models and machine learning algorithms.

The advent of sophisticated AI systems, such as GPT-4 and similar models, has profound implications for social



  1. Define ‘deviance’ within a sociological framework. Provide an example of deviant behavior and analyze why it might be perceived as deviant in one society and not in another.

Ans: In a sociological framework, deviance refers to behaviors, beliefs, or conditions that violate the norms or expectations of a particular society or social group. Norms are the rules and standards of behavior that are accepted by members of a society. Deviance is context-dependent and can vary significantly across different cultures, time periods, and social settings. 


  1. Outline two methods societies employ to maintain social control. Offer personal examples illustrating each method in practice.


Societies employ various methods to maintain social control, ensuring order, stability, and predictability within communities.

Two prominent methods are: 

Formal Social Control:  This involves established laws, regulations, and rules enforced by authorized institutions such as the government, police, and judiciary. These mechanisms are codified and standardized to maintain order and discipline.

Personal Example: