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SESSION Sep 2023
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30 Marks each


Set – 1


  1. What is primary data and secondary data? Mention the methods of collecting primary data and secondary data.


Primary Data: Primary data refers to the original data collected first-hand by a researcher for a specific research purpose. This data is directly obtained from the source and is tailored to meet the specific requirements of a research study.

Common methods of collecting primary data include surveys, interviews, observations, experiments, and Its Half solved only

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  1. From the following data, compute the values of:-
  2. upper and lower quartiles
  3. median


Marks No. of. Students Marks No. of. Students
0-10 11 50- 60 33
10-20 18 60-70 22
20- 30 25 70-80 15
30-40 28 80-90 12
40-50 30 90-100 10

Ans:To compute the upper and lower quartiles as well as the median, we need to arrange the data in ascending order and then use the following formulas: 

Lower Quartile (Q1):  It is the median of the lower half of the data.

Q1 = \frac{n+1}{4} \text{-th value



  1. In a correlation study, the following values are obtained.
  X Y
Mean 65 67
S.D. 2.5 3.5


Coefficient of correlation, r = 0.8.  Find the two regression equations.

Ans:To find the two regression equations (regression lines) in a correlation study, we use the following formulas:

For the regression equation of Y on X:

= Y=a+bX

For the regression equation of X on Y:





Set – 2


  1. Explain time series with four types or elements of variations.

Ans:Time Series: A time series is a series of data points collected or recorded in sequential order over time. It is a statistical technique used in various fields, such as economics, finance, environmental science, and more, to analyse patterns, trends, and behaviours over time.

Time series data is


  1. What do you mean by Hypothesis and Hypothesis testing? State differences between type I and II error.

Ans:Hypothesis: A hypothesis is a statement or a proposition that suggests an explanation for a phenomenon or an educated guess about the relationship between variables. In scientific research and statistical analysis, hypotheses are formulated to be tested through empirical observations and experiments.

Hypothesis Testing:



  1. What should be the ideal structure of a research report? What are the elements of the structure defined by you?

Ans:The structure of a research report may vary depending on the specific requirements of the academic or professional context, but a generally accepted structure includes several key elements.

Here is a suggested ideal structure for a research report: 

Title Page:  Includes the title of the research report, the author’s name, institutional affiliation, and