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Assignment Set – 1



  1. Define Communication. Mention any four barriers to communication and substantiate your answer with one example for each.

Bradley calls Communication “It is a process, a series of progressive and interdependent steps leading to the attainment of an end, in speech the end being the communication of some specific meaning from one person to another.

Barriers to Effective Communication At each stage in the process of communication – encoding, transferring, and decoding, there is the possibility of interference. This may hinder the communication process. Such interference is known as ‘noise.’ Often, a comparison is made between

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  1. Briefly explain the strategies for effective listening. List the different types of listening.

Ans: Strategies for Effective Listening:  Active Listening: Engage actively in the listening process by paying full attention to the speaker, maintaining eye contact, and showing genuine interest. Avoid distractions and focus on understanding the speaker’s message.

Empathetic Listening: Try to understand the speaker’s perspective and emotions. Show empathy and validate their feelings,


  1. Define paragraph. Discuss the steps one should follow while writing a paragraph.

Ans: Ans: A paragraph is a self-contained unit of writing that consists of a group of related sentences focusing on a single topic, idea, or argument. It is a fundamental building block of coherent and organized writing, providing structure and flow to the overall composition.

A good paragraph is like a strong chain, it has no loose or weak links. A paragraph may be long or short, but it is best to keep the paragraph just as long or short as is necessary for the development of



Assignment Set – 2



  1. Comment on Reading as a skill. Explain the various types of readings.

Reading, for most of us, is a ‘passive process’, where we sit down, relax and run our eyes through the words on the page. This is the method we incorporate to understand the information that is given in the book. But today, reading is considered an active process.

The above definitions


  1. What is a job application? What are the points that one needs to keep in mind while writing and structuring a job application?

Ans:A job application is nothing but a medium to sell your services. So it should show all qualities that are required by the buying agent i.e. the employer.

Normally a job application contains two parts: a covering letter and a Resume. It is also known as Bio-data or Curriculum Vitae. We will learn in detail the method of drafting the covering letter and


  1. Mention the points one needs to consider in terms of the language of a memo. Describe the components of a memo.

Ans: When it comes to the language of a memo, there are several points to consider to ensure effective communication.

Here are some key aspects to keep in mind: 

Clarity: Use clear and concise language to convey your message. Avoid jargon or technical terms that may confuse the reade