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PROGRAM master of business administration (MBA)
course CODE & NAME DADS301– Programming in data Science


Assignment Set – 1st

  1. Explain different features of R. Differentiate between R and Python.

Ans:R and Python are both popular programming languages used for data analysis, statistical computing, and data visualization. While they have some similarities, they also have distinct features and characteristics.

Here are the different features of R and the key differences between R and Python: 

Features of R: 

Statistical Analysis: R is widely recognized for its robust statistical capabilities. It provides a comprehensive range of A

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  1. Explain Fundamental Data Types in R. Differentiate between List, Matrix and Data Frames in R.

Ans:In R, there are several fundamental data types that are used to represent and manipulate data. These data types include vectors, matrices, lists, and data frames.

Let’s explore each of them and differentiate between lists, matrices, and data frames: 

Vectors:  A vector is the most basic and fundamental data type in R. It is a collection of elements of the same


  1. Define Exploratory Data Analysis. List various functions available in R for Exploratory Data Analysis.

Ans: Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) is a crucial step in data analysis that involves the initial exploration and examination of a dataset to understand its main characteristics, identify patterns, detect outliers, and gain insights. EDA helps to uncover relationships, distributions, and potential issues in the data, which can inform subsequent modelling or analysis decisions.

It typically involves descriptive statistics, data visualization, and summary techniques.  R provides a rich set of


Assignment Set – 2nd

  1. Explain type conversion in Python. Explain how sets can be iterated in Python.

Ans:Type Conversion in Python: Type conversion, also known as type casting, is the process of changing the data type of an object in Python. Python provides built-in functions that allow you to convert objects from one type to another.

Here are the commonly used type conversion functions in Python:

Int (): Converts an

  1. How regular expression using built in function in‘re’ package.

Ans:The re package in Python provides built-in functions for working with regular expressions. Regular expressions are powerful patterns used to match and manipulate strings based on specific rules. The re package in Python allows you to perform various operations like pattern matching, searching, replacing, and splitting strings using regular expressions.

Here are some


  1. How Data Frames can be merge in using Pandas. Explain with example.

Ans:In Pandas, data frames can be merged using the merge() function. The merge() function allows you to combine two or more data frames based on common columns or indices. It performs similar to the SQL JOIN operation.

Here’s an example