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SESSION April 2023




Set – 1st

  1. Discuss in detail the different leadership styles.


Different leadership styles

  1. Autocratic Leadership Style Autocratic Style can be illustrated with the phrase “Do as I Say”. Autocratic leaders think that they are the smartest people and they know better than others.

That is why they do not take any suggestions from their team members, they just pass the orders. This can be also known as the command-and-control approach. A leader can use this style when a crucial decision has to be taken. Some examples of autocratic leadership include

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  1. Describe the meaning and concept of Entrepreneurial Behaviour.

Ans: Entrepreneurial behaviour refers to the actions, attitudes, and mind-set exhibited by individuals who engage in entrepreneurial activities. It involves a unique set of characteristics and actions that drive individuals to identify opportunities, take risks, and create innovative solutions to meet market needs.

Entrepreneurial behaviour encompasses various aspects of an entrepreneur’s mind-set


  1. Define Entrepreneur. Also, provide an overview of the types of entrepreneurs as classified by Clarence H. Danhof based on their motives and objectives.

Ans: An entrepreneur is an individual who initiates and manages a business venture, taking on financial risks in the hope of earning profits. Entrepreneurs are characterized by their ability to identify opportunities, innovate, organize resources, and undertake calculated risks to create and grow successful businesses.

Clarence H. Danhof, a renowned economist, classified entrepreneurs into four types




Set – 2nd

  1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages attached to Venture Capital Funding.

Ans: Venture capital funding can provide significant advantages and opportunities for start-ups and entrepreneurs. However, it also comes with certain disadvantages and considerations.

Let’s discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of venture capital funding:-

Advantages of Venture Capital Funding:-


  1. “PESTLE analysis is a useful tool for understanding the ‘big picture’ of the business environment in which an entrepreneur is planning to operate”. Explain the statement.

Ans: The statement emphasizes that PESTLE analysis is a valuable tool for entrepreneurs to gain a comprehensive understanding of the broader business environment in which they intend to operate. PESTLE analysis examines various external factors that can significantly impact the success and operations of a business.

Let’s break down the statement and explain its meaning: 


  1. Analyze the contents of a well-structured Project Report.

Ans: A well-structured project report typically includes the following key components: 

Title Page: The title page provides basic information about the project, such as the project title, the name of the organization or institution, the name of the author or group members, and the date of submission.

Executive Summary: The executive summary provides an overview of the entire project