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SESSION September 2023



Assignment Set – 1



  1. What is the role of water cycle in our ecosystem? Explain how it affects ecology and society?

Ans: Role of the Water Cycle in Ecosystems:  The water cycle, also known as the hydrological cycle, is a continuous process that involves the movement of water between the Earth’s surface, the atmosphere, and underground reservoirs. This cycle plays a crucial role in sustaining life on Earth,

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  1. What is sustainable development? Explain the three principles of Sustainability with two examples.

Ans: Sustainable Development:  Sustainable development is an approach to growth and progress that seeks to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

It emphasizes a balanced and harmonious integration of economic, social, and environmental


  1. Describe the Spheres of Earth and their properties.

Ans:The Earth is often divided into several interconnected and dynamic spheres, each with distinct properties and processes. These spheres interact and influence one another, contributing to the complexity of the Earth’s system. The primary Earth spheres include the lithosphere, atmosphere,




Assignment Set – 2


  1. Define air pollution and effects of air pollution with examples.

Ans: Air Pollution:  Air pollution refers to the presence of harmful substances, pollutants, or particulate matter in the Earth’s atmosphere in concentrations that can be detrimental to human health, the environment, and other living organisms. These pollutants may be of natural origin or result from human


  1. State the consequences of soil pollution on future generations and suggest control measures.

Ans: Consequences of Soil Pollution on Future Generations:  Soil pollution has significant and far-reaching consequences on the environment, ecosystems, and human health. The impact on future generations can be profound, leading to various challenges.

Some of the consequences include: 

Impact on Agricultural


  1. Define solid waste. List the types of solid waste. Come up with a plan for management of solid wastes.

Ans: Definition of Solid Waste:  Solid waste refers to any unwanted or discarded material that is not a liquid or gas. It includes a wide range of materials generated from various human activities, such as residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural processes. Solid waste can be in the form of household items, packaging materials, industrial by-products, construction debris,