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course CODE & NAME DMJ6201; Media language

30 Marks each



Set – 1st



  1. What is media writing? Explain the usage of information, enquire and analysis in media writing.

Ans:Media Writing:  Media writing refers to the creation of content specifically tailored for various media platforms, including newspapers, magazines, online publications, broadcast news, and social media. It involves conveying information, stories, or messages to an audience through written Its Half solved only

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  1. Define critical thinking. What is the usage of critical thinking in media writing? Site examples.

Ans:Critical Thinking:  Critical thinking is the process of objectively analyzing and evaluating information, concepts, situations, or problems in a systematic and disciplined manner. It involves the ability to assess and question assumptions, recognize biases, consider alternative perspectives, and draw well-reasoned conclusions. Critical thinking is characterized by


  1. What is the difference between writing for newspaper and magazine in comparison to television and web media?

Ans:Writing for different media platforms involves adapting to the unique characteristics and requirements of each medium.

Here are some key differences between writing for newspapers, magazines, television, and web media: 

Writing for





Set – 2nd



  1. Explain any three models of news writing used in Indian media industry.

Ans:In the Indian media industry, news writing follows various models that guide journalists in presenting information to the public.

Here are explanations of three models commonly used in Indian media: 

Inverted Pyramid Model:  Description: The inverted pyramid model is a traditional and widely used approach in news writing. It involves presenting the most crucial information at the beginning of the news article, followed by details in descending order of importance. This structure allows readers


  1. What is persuasive writing? Explain its application in the field of advertising and public relations.

Ans:Persuasive Writing:  Persuasive writing is a form of communication in which the writer aims to influence the thoughts, actions, or opinions of the audience. The goal is to convince the reader or listener to adopt a particular viewpoint, take a specific action, or support a particular cause. Persuasive writing often employs rhetorical devices, emotional appeals, and



  1. “Media writing involves different kinds of ethics and principles for developing professional standards”. Throw some light on the statement

Ans:The statement highlights the integral relationship between media writing and ethical considerations, emphasizing the need for adhering to professional standards. Media writing, whether in journalism, advertising, public relations, or other forms of communication, is guided by a set of ethics