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SESSION April 2023
PROGRAM master of commerce (M com)



Set – 1st


  1. What are the different types of research that can be conducted by a researcher?
    Ans: Exploratory research

As the name suggests, exploratory research is used to gain a deeper understanding of the issue or problem that is troubling the decision-maker. The idea is to provide direction to subsequent and more structured and rigorous research.

The following are some examples of exploratory research:

  • Let us say a diet food company y wants to find out what kind of snacks customers like to eat and where they Its Half solved only

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  1. Give merits and demerits of Questionnaire and Interview method of data.

Ans:Questionnaire Method of Data Collection: Merits: 

Wide reach:

Questionnaires can be distributed to a large number of respondents, allowing for a wider reach and a larger sample size. This can help gather a diverse range of opinions and perspectives.


Questionnaires offer standardized questions and response options, ensuring consistency in data collection. This


  1. Explain the interview method of data collection. What are the uses of this technique? What are the different types of interviews?

Ans: The interview method of data collection involves a face-to-face or verbal interaction between an interviewer and a respondent, with the aim of gathering information, opinions, or insights on a specific topic or research area. Interviews can be conducted in person, over the phone, or through video conferencing platforms. This method allows for a more direct and interactive exchange of




Set – 2nd

  1. Discuss any four Scaling Techniques of your choice

Ans: Sure! Here are four scaling techniques commonly used in research:

Likert Scale: The Likert scale is a commonly used scaling technique that measures attitudes or opinions. It presents a series of statements or items, and respondents are asked to indicate their level of agreement or disagreements on a scale, typically ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree. The Likert scale provides ordinal data and allows for the measurement of intensity


  1. Explain the concepts of Validity and Reliability with examples

Ans: Validity and reliability are two important concepts in research that assess the quality and consistency of measurements. Let’s explore each concept with examples:  Validity: Validity refers to the extent to which a measurement or instrument accurately measures what it intends to measure. It assesses whether a study’s findings or conclusions are logically and justifiably


  1. A sample of 870 trainees was subjected to different types of training classified as intensive, good, and average and their performance was noted as above average, average and poor. The resulting data is presented in the table below. Use a 5 percent level of significance to examine whether there is any relationship between the type of training and performance.
Performance Training
Intensive Good Average Total
Above average 100 150 40 290
Average 100 100 100 300
Poor 50 80 150 280
Total 250 330 290 870



To examine the relationship between the type of training and performance, we can perform a chi-square test of independence. This test will help determine if there is a statistically significant association between the