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Assignment Set –1


  1. Explain basic structure of C program. Write a program to calculate the area of a circle.

Ans: A basic structure in C program can be viewed as a group of building blocks called functions. A function is a subroutine that may include one or more statements designed to perform a specific task.

To write a C program we first create functions and then put them together. A C program may contain one or more sections

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  1. Describe control statements in C. Explain various control statements in C programming language.

Ans: The decision control statements are the decision making statements that decides the order of execution of statements based on the conditions. In the decision making statements the programmer specify which conditions are to be executed or tested with the statements to be executed if the condition is true or false.

It enable you to use the

  1. Discuss the purpose of storage class in C. Explain various types of storage class in C.

Ans: The storage class in the C language for determining the visibility, lifetime, initial value, and memory location of any given variable. The storage classes define the visibility (scope) and the lifetime of any function/ variable within a C program. These classes precede the type that they are going to

Assignment Set – 2


  1. Define an array. Explain the declaration and initialization of one dimensional and two-dimensional array with an example.

Ans: An array is defined as an ordered set of similar data items. All the data items of an array are stored in consecutive memory locations in RAM. The elements of an array are of same data type and each item can be accessed using the same name.

An array consisting of two subscripts is


5 a. Define pointer. Explain the declaration and initialization of a pointer variable.

Ans: A pointer is a variable that points at, or refers to, another variable. That is, if we have a pointer variable of type “pointer to int, “it might point to the int variable i, or to any one of the locations of the int array.

Pointer: Example,


5 b. Write a C program to illustrate the use of indirection operator toaccess the value pointed by a pointer.

Ans: The use of an indirection operator (*) is to access the value indirectly, through a pointer.

Indirection operator (*)

The Indirection Operator (*) is a unary operator that is used to get the value referenced by a pointer variable stored at


6 a. Define Structure and write the general syntax for declaring andaccessing structure members.

Ans: Structure Definition: A Structure definition creates a format that may be used to declare structure variables.

For e.g.,consider a book database consisting of book name, author, number of pages and price.




6 b. Write a C program to show employee details using structure.

Ans: /*C program to read and print employee’s record using structure*/


#include <stdio.h>

/*structure declaration*/