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Assignment Set – 1


  1. Outline the historical progression in the development of Human Resource Management. 10

Ans 1.

Human Resource Management (HRM) has evolved significantly over the decades from a basic welfare and clerical role to a strategic partner at the boardroom level. Here’s an outline of the historical progression in the development of HRM:

  1. The Industrial Welfare



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  1. Describe Human Resource Planning. Elaborate on the process of Human Resource Planning 2+8

Ans 2.

Human Resource Planning (HRP) is a strategic process used by organizations to ensure they have the right number of people, with the right skills, in the right places, at the right time. This process is crucial for aligning an organization’s human resources with its business objectives, ultimately enabling effective response to changes in the marketplace and environmen


  1. Explain the concept of succession planning. State the advantages that a structured Succession Planning System brings to an organization. 3+7

Ans 3.

Succession planning is a strategic process that identifies and develops future leaders at various levels in an organization, ensuring a seamless transition in key roles. It involves preparing for the departure of managers and other key employees, ensuring that the business continues to operate efficiently without interruption. This planning is crucial for maintaining the stability and


Assignment Set – 2



  1. Describe competency mapping. Discuss the steps involved in competency mapping with a result of job evaluation. 10

Ans 4.

Competency mapping is a strategic HR process used to identify and document the key competencies required to perform various jobs within an organization effectively. It involves defining the specific skills, knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes necessary to perform tasks successfully. This process is crucial for various HR functions, including recruitment, training, development, and


  1. Explain the concept of Employee Welfare. Also, discuss the benefits of Employee Welfare. 5+5

Ans 5.

Employee welfare refers to the array of services, benefits, and facilities provided to employees to ensure their comfort, safety, and health in the workplace. This concept is rooted in the understanding that the well-being of employees is crucial to the functioning of an organization. Welfare measures are designed to take care of the various needs of employees beyond just their monetary

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  1. “Addressing grievances promptly and fairly not only resolves conflicts but also strengthens trust and morale within the organization”. Explain the significance of implementing a formal grievance procedure within organisations. 5+5

Ans 6.

The statement emphasizes the critical role of addressing employee grievances in maintaining a healthy and productive work environment. Grievances are concerns, problems, or complaints that employees raise with their employers. Without a proper mechanism to address these grievances, organizations may face decreased employee morale, reduced productivity, and even