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Assignment Set – 1


  1. Discuss the main features of human relation approach. How does it differ from scientific management?

Ans: Let us now look into each of these roles in detail.

 Service provider – Management needs to gather information such as market statistics, pay rates and labour laws, and legislations from the market as well as from their competitors before making decisions on various employee related issues.

 Administrative expert –

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  1. What do you mean by Human Resource Planning? What changes in HR planning with regards to recruiting IT professionals are seen now?

Ans: Human Resource Planning (HRP) can be defined as the method of ensuring the right number of qualified people, in the right job at the right time to bring the results in an efficient and effective manner.

In simple words, HRP is understood as the process of forecasting an organisation’s future demand for, and



  1. What is succession planning? What are the benefits of having a formal Succession Planning System in an organization?

Ans: Succession planning involves an examination of strategic (long-range) plans and HR forecasts for all identified key positions in an organisation. It includes positions that are critical for the business and for its continuity, and not just the senior level positions. It includes a review of the data on all potential candidates who might be able to move to these positions either right-away or in the near future. The objective is to identify employees with potential and managerial depth as well as promoting from within the company. This exercise is carried out by the senior






Assignment Set – 2


  1. Explain the five ways of individually evaluating an employee in detail.

Ans: Individual evaluation methods There exists five ways to evaluate an employee individually. Here the employee is evaluated one at a time without directly comparing him/her with other employees.

  1. Graphic rating scale: The most widely used performance rating technique is a graphic rating scale (e.g., 3, 4 or 5 or even 10 point rating scale). In this technique, the evaluator is presented with a list of assessment characteristics and asked to assign a number rating to the employee on


  1. Implementation of HRIS is expensive for an organization. Give your views about this in brief.

Ans: Following stages can be considered for HRIS installation:

Determination of the need for HRIS – Before implementing an HRIS, the management must clearly decide the need for an HRIS in the organisation. First it needs to assess the present HR operations that require system enabled support and then the extent to which these operations require such supports. Factors such as size of the organisation, strength of the workforce, present level


  1. Describe employee welfare. How do the welfare benefits affect the business of an organization?

Ans: Employee welfare is a comprehensive term including various services, benefits and facilities offered to employees and by the employers. Through such generous fringe benefits the employer makes life worth living for employees.

Employee welfare entails all those activities of an employer which are directed towards providing the