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Assignment Set – 1



  1. Discuss the character sketch of the astrologer in RK Narayan’s An Astrologer’s Day, with reference to his round character. 10


Ans 1.

To discuss the character sketch of the astrologer in R.K. Narayan’s “An Astrologer’s Day,” it’s essential to focus on the aspects that contribute to his round character. This means we will delve into his complexity, development, and the subtleties that make him a fully fleshed-out character, rather than just a flat, Its Half solved only

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  1. Explain the various Animal-Human relationships that Ruskin Bond implies in his novella the Grandfather’s Zoo 10

Ans 2.

Ruskin Bond, through his novella “The Grandfather’s Zoo,” offers a charming and insightful exploration into the multifaceted relationships between animals and humans. This narrative, woven with simplicity and warmth, reflects on various dimensions of these relationships, ranging from companionship and mutual respect to the broader themes of coexistence and interdependence.

Companionship and Emotional Bonding: At the heart of Bond’s storytelling lies the theme of company


Top of Form



  1. How does Kamala Das portray the plight of women in a patriarchal   society   in   her   poem   ‘The Introduction’?           10

Ans 3.

Kamala Das’s poem “The Introduction” is a profound exploration of the plight of women in a patriarchal society. The poem is a candid reflection of her personal experiences and observations, effectively portraying the challenges and constraints faced by women.

At the outset, Das confronts the issue of identity, a central theme in the poem. The poetess struggles with the societal expectations imposed upon her, questioning the prescribed roles and behaviors. She writes, “I am Indian, very brown,


Assignment Set – 2



  1. Give a critical analysis of the poem ‘Small Scale Reflections on a Great House’ by A.K Ramanujan with a special reference to culture and heritage in his poem. 10


Ans 1.

“Small Scale Reflections on a Great House” by A.K Ramanujan is a profound exploration of the themes of culture and heritage. The poem, rich in its imagery and intricate in its structure, serves as a metaphorical representation of the decay and dilapidation of traditional values and structures in a rapidly changing world. Ramanujan, known for his ability to weave together the personal and the



  1. Give a detailed critical analysis of Munshi’s essay, “The Spiritual Basis of the Satyagraha”. 10


Ans 2.

Munshi’s essay “The Spiritual Basis of the Satyagraha” delves into the philosophical and spiritual underpinnings of the Satyagraha movement, a form of non-violent resistance pioneered by Mahatma Gandhi. The essay is a profound exploration of how spiritual beliefs and moral principles can drive social and political change.

At the core of Munshi’s argument is the idea that Satyagraha is not merely a political strategy, but a holistic approach to life that



  1. Give a critical appreciation of the Sarojini Naidu’s The Palanquin Bearers. 10


Ans 3.

Sarojini Naidu’s poem “The Palanquin Bearers” is a lyrical piece that beautifully captures the essence of Indian culture and tradition through its vivid imagery and rhythmic quality. The poem is a part of Naidu’s collection titled “The Golden Threshold,” published in 1905, which is celebrated for its rich exploration of Indian themes and landscapes. “The Palanquin Bearers” stands out as a particularly evocative piece, weaving together the physical and the emotional,