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SESSION March 2024


Assignment Set – 1st


  1. Explain the evolution of operating systems. Write a brief note on operating system structures


Evolution of Operating Systems:-

1 Simple Batch Operating Systems

In the earliest days digital computers usually run from a console. I/O devices consisted of card readers, tape drives and line printers. Direct user interaction with the system did not exist. Users made a job consisting of programs, data and control information. The job was submitted to an operator who would execute the job on the

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  1. What is Scheduling? Discuss the CPU scheduling algorithms.

Ans: The main objective of multiprogramming is to see that some process is always running so as to maximize CPU utilization whereas in the case of time sharing, the CPU is to be switched between processes frequently, so that users interact with the system while their programs are executing. In a uniprocessor system, there is always a single process running while the other processes need to wait till they get the CPU for execution on being scheduled.

Evaluation of CPU Scheduling Algorithms

We have many scheduling


  1. Discuss Inter process Communication and critical-section problem along with use of semaphores.

Ans: Inter process Communication (IPC)

Inter process Communication (IPC) is a mechanism that allows processes to communicate with each other and synchronize their actions. Various IPC techniques exist, each suitable for different types of tasks and requirements.

Some common IPC methods include: 

Pipes: A pipe is a


Assignment Set – 2nd



  1. A. What is a Process Control Block? What information does it hold and why?


Ans: Process Control Block Every process has a number and a process control block (PCB) represents a process in an operating system. The PCB serves as a repository of information about a process and varies from process to process. The PCB contains information that makes the process an active entity. A PCB is shown in Figure 1.

It contains many pieces of


  1. a. Discuss the different File Access Methods.


File Access Methods Information is stored in files. Files reside on secondary storage. When this information is to be used, it has to be accessed and brought into primary main memory. Information in files could be accessed in many ways. It is usually dependent on an application.


Access methods could be:-



  1. Explain the different Multiprocessor Interconnections and types of Multiprocessor Operating Systems.

Ans: Multiprocessor Interconnections The nature of multiprocessor interconnections has an effect on the bandwidth for communication. Complexity, cost, IPC and scalability are some features considered in interconnections.

Basic architectures for multiprocessor interconnections are as follows:

  • Bus-oriented systems
  • Crossbar-