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SESSION Aug/Sep 2023



Assignment Set – 1st



  1. a. Discuss the role of web scraping in competitive intelligence and market research.

Ans: Role of Web Scraping in Competitive Intelligence and Market Research:  Web scraping plays a significant role in gathering, analyzing, and extracting valuable data from the internet, providing businesses with insights for competitive intelligence and market research.

Here’s how web scraping contributes to these areas: 

Competitor Analysis: 

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  1. a. Describe the process of scraping data from a dynamic website and the challenges associated with it.

Ans: Process of Scraping Data from a Dynamic Website:

Understanding the Website Structure: 

Analyze the website to identify elements that load dynamically through JavaScript. Use browser developer tools to inspect network requests and understand how data is fetched and displayed.

Choosing the Right Tools: 

Select a



  1. a. Illustrate the differences between API-based scraping and traditional web scraping, highlighting the pros and cons of each method.

Ans: API-Based Scraping:

Definition: API-based scraping involves interacting with a web service’s Application Programming Interface (API) to request and retrieve structured data. APIs provide a controlled and documented way to access specific data or functionalities of a website or online service.

Pros:  Structured



Assignment Set – 2nd



  1. a. Discuss the importance of NoSQL databases in managing scraped data. How do they differ from traditional relational databases in handling unstructured data?

Ans: Importance of NoSQL Databases in Managing Scraped Data: 

Schema Flexibility: 

NoSQL Databases: NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB or Cassandra, provide schema flexibility. This is crucial when dealing with scraped data, which may have varying structures and fields.


NoSQL Databases:



  1. Outline a methodology for scraping and analyzing sentiment from online reviews, and discuss the potential biases and limitations in the analysis.

Ans: Methodology for Scraping and Analyzing Sentiment from Online Reviews:

Target Selection:  Identify the platforms or websites with relevant reviews (e.g., Amazon, Yelp, or specific industry forums).

Data Scraping:  Use web scraping tools or APIs to collect online reviews related to the target product or service. Extract relevant information such as the review text, rating, date, and any



  1. a. Explain how data scraping can be used in the context of crypto currency markets. Discuss the challenges in scraping real-time trading data.

Ans: Data scraping in the Context of Crypto currency Markets: 

Data scraping in the crypto currency markets involves the extraction of relevant information from various online sources to gain insights, make informed decisions, and perform analyses related to crypto currency trading.

Here’s how data scraping can be utilized: