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SESSION April 2024



Assignment Set – 1st



  1. Write a note on:
  2. Functions of Management Accounting.

Ans: The basic function of management accounting is to assist the management to perform various managerial functions such as planning, organising, directing and controlling effectively.

The various specific functions are:

  • Provision of data – Management accounting provides valuable data to the management for the formulation of future policies and plans. The accounts and documents maintained under the system of Its Half solved only

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  1. Explain the importance of fund flow statement. Draw the Format of statement of change in working capital.

Ans: The importance of fund flow statement:-

  • Analysis of financial position – The basic purpose of preparing the statement is to have a look into the financial operations. It analyses how the funds were obtained and used in the past. Hence, it is a valuable tool for the finance manager for analysing the past and future plans of the firm and their impact on the liquidity. The manager can deduce the reasons for the imbalances in uses of funds in the past and take necessary corrective actions.

In analysing the


  1. Prepare Flexible Budget at 50%, 80% and 100 % Capacity.
Production at 50% Capacity 5,000 Units
Raw Materials Rs. 60 per unit
Direct Labor Rs.40 per unit
Direct Expenses Rs.10 per unit
Factory Expenses (Rent) Rs.50,000 (Fixed)
Administration Expenses Rs.60,000 (60 %Variable)
Distribution Expenses Rs. 20,000 (40 % Variable)
Variable Factory Expenses Rs. 10 per unit

Ans: A flexible budget adjusts costs based on different levels of activity, providing a more accurate reflection of costs at various production levels.

Here, it prepare a flexible budget for production at 50%, 80%, and 100% capacity. 

Assumptions: 50% Capacity: 5,000 units 80% Capacity: 8,000 units 100% Capacity: 10,000 units

Costs per Unit:

Raw Materials: Rs. 60 per unit Direct Labour: Rs. 40 per unit

Direct Expenses: Rs. 10 per unit Variable Factory Expenses: Rs. 10 per unit

Fixed Costs: Factory


Assignment Set – 2nd



  1. Explain the meaning, scope, and functions of Management Accounting.

Ans: Management accounting is the accounting that provides necessary information to the management for discharging functions such as planning, organising, directing and controlling the financial functions in an efficient manner. It is concerned with the interpretation of accounting information to guide the management for future planning, decision making, controlling, etc. Management accounting is a blend of financial accounting, cost accounting and financial management to serve as a good guide to management in planning, coordinating, executing, controlling and


  1. Statement of Profit and Loss of XYZ Ltd.
Particulars 31st March 2020 31st March 2021
I.                   Revenue from Operation (Sales) 7,00,000 8,50,000
II.                Other Income 30,000 30,000
III.             Total Revenue(I+II) 7,30,000 8,80,000
IV.             Expenses

a.      Material Consumed


b.      Manufacturing Expenses



c.       Other Expenses















Total 5,70,000 6,80,000
V.                Profit Before Tax (III-IV) 1,60,000 2,00,000
VI.             Tax @ 50% 80000 1,00,000
VII.          Profit After Tax (V-VI) 80,000 1,00,000


  1. Prepare a Comparative Statement of Profit and Loss?

Ans: a. Comparative Statement of Profit and Loss

A comparative statement of profit and loss shows the financial performance of a company over two periods, highlighting the changes in each line item.

Here, we will prepare a comparative statement for XYZ Ltd. for the years ending 31st March 2020 and 31st March 2021.  XYZ Ltd. Comparative Statement of Profit and Loss For the Years Ended 31st March












  1. As a management accountant, you must write an interpretation of the comparative statement of profit and loss.

Ans: Interpretation of the Comparative Statement of Profit and Loss

As a management accountant, here’s an analysis of the comparative statement of profit and loss for XYZ Ltd.: 

Revenue from Operations: 

The company’s



  1. Explain the concept of capital budgeting and discuss the various methods commonly used for evaluating investment projects. Provide example to illustrate any two methods.

Ans: Concept of Capital Budgeting Capital budgeting is the process that a business uses to evaluate potential major projects or investments. These projects can include investments in fixed assets like new machinery, replacement machinery, new plants, new products, and research development projects.

The primary goal of