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Assignment Set – 1



  1. Explain the concept of International Marketing. Also, to detail difference between Domestic and International Marketing, add suitable examples to support your answer. 4+6

Ans 1.

International marketing refers to the practice of marketing principles applied across national borders. It involves the planning, promoting, distributing, and selling of a company’s goods or services in global markets. The essence of international marketing is to recognize and understand the differences in consumer preferences, buying behaviors, and cultural nuances across different countries and regions. It also involves adapting marketing strategies to suit these varied environments while maintaining the Its Half solved only

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  1. Write a detailed note on Economic Environment to International Marketing. Also, to discuss constituents of Economic Environment in detail. 3+7

Ans 2.

The economic environment is a critical factor in international marketing, as it encompasses all the economic factors in the market environment that impact marketing management decisions. When a company decides to enter a new international market, understanding and adapting to the economic environment of that market is essential for success. This note will discuss the constituents of the economic environment in detail.

  1. Market Structures:



  1. Detailed the concept of Sampling. Further to explain the various methods of Sampling, include suitable examples to support your answer. 2+8 10

Ans 3.

Sampling is a fundamental concept in statistics, research, and data analysis. It involves selecting a subset of individuals, items, or observations from a larger population to make inferences or draw conclusions about that population. The effectiveness of sampling hinges on the principle that a properly chosen sample can provide a good representation of the entire population, allowing for accurate and efficient analysis without the need to examine every member of the




Assignment Set – 2


  1. Discuss theconcept of Packaging & Labelling, while explaining the functions and importance of Packaging. 10

Ans 4.

Packaging and labeling are crucial components in the marketing and distribution of products. They serve multiple functions beyond just containing and identifying the products. This essay explores these functions and the importance of packaging in the contemporary market.

Essential Functions



  1. Explain the concepts of Personal Selling. Detail the importance, advantages, and disadvantages of Personal Selling. 3+7

Ans 5.

Personal selling, a vital component of the marketing mix, is a face-to-face selling technique in which a salesperson uses skills and techniques to build personal relationships with potential customers. This method is particularly effective for complex, high-value products and services where customer needs are unique and require detailed explanation or customization.

Importance of




  1. Write a detailed note on Exporting along with its types while explaining its advantages and disadvantages, include suitable examples to support your answer. 10

Ans 6.

Exporting refers to the process of sending goods or services from one country to another for sale or trade. It is a crucial part of international trade and is a primary source of revenue for many countries. Exporting can be classified into two main types: direct and indirect exporting.