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SESSION April2024
PROGRAM BACHELOR of business administration (BBA)



Assignment Set – 1st


  1. What is International Marketing? Differentiate it with Domestic Marketing.

Ans: Definition: “International marketing is defined as the performance of business activities designed to plan, price, promote and direct the flow of a company’s goods and services to customers or users, in more than one nation, for a profit”. – Philip R Cateora.

Applying marketing principles to more than one country is referred to as international marketing. Yet, there can be a crossover between international marketing, which is a common term and global marketing, which is similar to it. In this lesson of international marketing as well as the other lessons


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  1. Write a detailed note on Economic Environment to International Marketing. Also, to discuss constituents of Economic Environment in detail.


Economic Environment in International Marketing The economic environment is a crucial factor influencing international marketing, shaping the strategies and operations of businesses across borders.

It encompasses various economic conditions and factors that affect consumer behaviour, purchasing power, market potential, and the overall viability of conducting business in a foreign market. Understanding the economic environment helps companies tailor their marketing efforts to the specific


  1. Discuss any two trade theories of your choice related to international trade.

Ans: David Ricardo’s Theory of Comparative:-

Advantage Economist David Ricardo in his ‘theory of comparative advantage’ discovered further the Adam Smith’s theory of absolute advantage. He visualised a situation as to what might happen, when one country has an absolute advantage, in the production of all goods. If Adam Smith’s theory is applied, a country having absolute advantage in the production of all the goods may not derive any advantage when it involves in international trade.

David Ricardo in his book Principles of Political Economy (1817) mentioned that it makes sense for a country to specialise


Assignment Set – 2nd


  1. With the help of suitable example, discuss the process of Global Product Planning.


Global Product Planning involves taking vital decisions based on a variety of inputs in the following areas like:

  • Products to be introduced in the market
  • Brand names to be used
  • Pattern of packaging
  • Guarantees and warranties to be offered
  • After sales services to be offered
  • Right time to enter the market.

In the international marketing


  1. What are advantages and disadvantages of exporting? Discuss in detail.

Ans: Advantages of exporting:-

  1. Exporting helps companies to increase overall sales volume, improve market share and generate profit margins that are often more favourable than in the domestic country.
  2. It reduces dependence on the domestic market.
  3. Exporting helps to sustain and stabilise sales associated with economic cycles or seasonality of demand. For example, woollen products can be exported to other countries even on off-season mont



  1. As International Firm, how you will promote your product abroad? Explain.

Ans: Promoting a product abroad as an international firm involves a multifaceted approach that takes into consideration the unique characteristics of each target market. Here are the steps and strategies to effectively promote a product internationally:

  1. Market Research and Analysis
  2. Understand the