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PROGRAM BACHELOR of business administration (BBA)

30 Marks each



Assignment Set – 1



  1. Discuss the concept of International Marketing. In addition, include appropriate examples to support your answer to illustrate the differences between domestic marketing and international marketing.

Ans 1.

According to Mr. Kotler, “Marketing is a societal process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering and freely exchanging products and services of value with others”.

International Marketing: A Conceptual Overview

International marketing refers to the application of marketing principles across national borders, wherein companies seek to expand their operations and penetrate foreign markets.

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  1. Write a detailed note on Economic Environment to International Marketing. Also, to discuss constituents of Economic Environment in detail.

Ans 2.

Economic Environment in International Marketing

The economic environment is a crucial facet of the global marketplace. As businesses expand their operations to international markets, understanding the nuances of the economic environment becomes essential. In essence, the economic environment pertains to all economic factors – from broad economic policies to consumer purchasing power – that influence the performance, strategy, and decision-making of a company.



  1. Explain what the term “sampling” means. In addition to explaining the different approaches to sampling, give appropriate examples to support your answer.

Ans 3.


Sampling becomes inevitable while conducting market research whenever the size of the population (number of units to be studied) is very large and unmanageable. In many market research, data is collected from a representative sample and not from each and every unit of the entire population. Only in a few limited instances, which are rare, when the relevant population is very small, is it both feasible and possible to adopt the census or enumeration method (studying all units). In all other cases, sampling is used.





Assignment Set – 2


  1. Discuss the idea of packaging and labelling while also elaborating on the function that packaging plays and the significance of its use.

Ans 1.


Packing (also known as transport packing) stands for the protective covering used for transportation of goods by road, air, or sea. On the other hand, packaging refers to the package in which the product reaches the consumer.

In international marketing, both packaging and packing demand minute attention to be devoted. It is accepted that poor packaging is a serious bottleneck due to which exports from developing countries suffer. Many instances of shipments being rejected even though goods


  1. Present an explanation of the Personal Selling ideas. Provide some background on the significance, benefits, and potential drawbacks of personal selling.

Ans 2.

Personal Selling: An Insight

Background and Significance:

Personal selling, at its core, refers to the process where individual salespeople directly engage with customers to persuade them to make a purchase. This method of sales promotion has deep historical roots and has evolved significantly with the development of modern communication and marketing strategies. In the days preceding mass media, personal selling was the primary method for selling products and services. Its importance can be comprehended by realizing that even today, in an era dominated by digital advertising, the


  1. Write a detailed note on Exporting along with its types while explaining its advantages and disadvantages, include suitable examples to support your answer.

Ans 3.

Exporting: A Detailed Note

Exporting refers to the process of selling goods and services produced in one country to another country. It is a traditional and significant form of international trade, allowing nations to specialize and benefit from the global division of labor.

Types of Exporting:

Direct Exporting: The producer or manufacturer sells directly to the buyer in another country without intermediaries. For example, a Japanese car manufacturer selling cars to a dealership in the United States.