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Assignment Set – 1



  1. a. Explain the 3 main categories of Business Analytics.
  2. Describe how Business Analytics can be used in Tourism Industry.

Ans 1.

  1. The Three Main Categories of Business Analytics

Descriptive Analytics: The focus of this category is analyzing past data in order to determine what happened. It employs data aggregation and methods of data mining to give insight into the performance of historical events and help organizations understand patterns and trends.

Predictive Analytics: The use of predictive analytics is based on machines learning and statistical models methods to predict future outcomes. Through the analysis of historical data, it assists in predicting patterns in the future, consumer behavior and risks that could be posed, helping organizations make more proactive decisions.

Prescriptive Analytics: The category is more than forecasting future outcomes and suggesting actions that


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  1. Explain the importance of organization of data.

Ans 2.

In the current world of data-driven business organizing data is essential for efficient decision-making and efficient operation. A well-organized data set allows companies to gain valuable insights as well as streamline processes and keep a competitive edge. This article examines the significance of data organization and the impact it has on different aspects of business operations.



  1. Discuss the common techniques of data transformation.

Ans 3.

Common Techniques of Data Transformation

Data transformation is an essential element of the process of data preparation that involves the conversion to data that is not in its initial form to a format better suited for analysis. This procedure improves data’s accuracy and reliability which makes it more suitable for analytics, business intelligence and other applications that rely on data. Here are a few of the most commonly used techniques


Assignment Set – 2



  1. a. Define Business Analytics.
  2. Explain how Business Analytics can help in improving the overall efficiency of an organization.

Ans 1.

  1. Business Analytics

Business Analytics is the process of systematic, iterative exploration of data within an organization, with a focus in the area of statistical analysis. Businesses use it to make who are committed to making decisions based on data. Business Analytics can be used to gather insights that help inform business decisions and is utilized to automate and improve business processes. The field includes a range of applications, tools, and methods that allow companies to gather data from internal systems as well as external sources, analyze it as well as develop and run queries against the data and


2a. Describe the importance of Data Quality.

  1. Explain the best practices in maintaining Data Quality.

Ans 2.

  1. Importance of Data Quality

Quality of data is crucial in the current data-driven world, because it has a significant impact on the reliability, accuracy, and efficiency of decisions made based on this information. Quality data must be precise and complete, as well as reliable and pertinent, so that it will serve the purpose to which it was intended. Insufficient quality data can result in inaccurate conclusions, unproductive strategies, and even financial loss. This can affect the credibility of analytical results, leading to erroneous decisions that could negatively impact the company’s. Additionally, high-quality data improves the efficiency of operations by enabling automation, and decreasing the necessity to correct mistakes


  1. Explain the key steps involved in the Data Cleaning process.

Ans 3.

Key Steps Involved in the Data Cleaning Process

Cleaning data, often referred to by the name of data cleaning, can be a crucial element of the preparation of data that focuses on correcting or eliminating corrupted, incorrect or formatted incorrectly, duplicate or insufficient data from the dataset. These are the main steps in the process of data cleansing:

  1. Data Auditing: This process