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Assignment Set – 1


  1. What do you understand by production and operations management? Discuss its objective and scope in detail.

Ans 1.

Understanding Production and Operations Management:

The term “production and operation management” (POM) is the management of business practices designed to creating the highest efficiency in an organisation. It is the process of converting raw materials and labor into goods and services as efficiently as it is possible in order to maximize the earnings of an business. Production management is more focused on the manufacturing processes, and operations management encompasses more services and administrative functionalities. Its goal is to manage the production processes and provide services in such it is possible for the organization to optimally utilizes its resources, such as human resources, materials and

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  1. Discuss the importance of forecasting. Explain qualitative techniques of forecasting

Ans 2.

Importance of Forecasting in Business Operations

Forecasting is a critical management tool utilized by businesses for making informed decisions and predict future business demands or market changes. It is about estimating future events and their impact on the business, on the basis of the past and current market data. The significance of forecasting in business operations cannot be overstated as it can aid to plan and budget for strategic goals and risk management. Effective forecasting allows businesses to allocate resources efficiently, manage risk by anticipating changes that could occur and setting realistic expectations and targets. It also


  1. Discuss the nature of production planning and control. Explain various types of production plannings.

Ans 3.

Nature of Production Planning and Control

Production Planning and Control (PPC) is the process of organizing, directing, and overseeing production activities from the beginning to the end of a manufacturing or service process. It makes sure that the proper amount of raw materials, etc. are readily available at the proper time and location to enable efficient production. The nature of PPC is strategic and dynamic and requires continuous adjustments based on feedback and changes in the production environment. This process is crucial to connecting production to demand as well as optimizing resources and ensuring quality. It also plays an important contribution to cost reduction through cutting down on waste and increasing efficiency of processes. Furthermore, PPC interfaces with other functions such as logistics,


Assignment Set – 2



  1. Explain project planning process in detail.

Ans 4.

Project Planning Process

Project planning is an essential process in project management that provides the basis for the execution and controlling a program. It is the process of laying out the steps necessary to reach the project objectives within a defined timeframe and budget. Effective project planning will ensure that resources are properly allocated and that risks are minimized and the stakeholders are in sync,


  1. What is the need and objectives of maintenance management? Explain breakdown maintenance and preventive maintenance.

Ans 5.

Need and Objectives of Maintenance Management

Significance of Maintenance Management

Maintenance management is critical to increasing the efficiency and life span of equipment, decreasing downtime, while also ensuring safe operational conditions. Effective maintenance management not only can prolong the life of machinery, but it will also greatly improve the productivity and


  1. What do you understand by cost of quality and continuous improvement. Explain.

Ans 6.

Cost of Quality

The concept of the Cost of Quality (COQ) encompasses all costs incurred to ensure that a product or service is in compliance with quality standards, and also the cost associated with failing to comply with those standards. COQ can be broadly classified into four types that include: prevention costs, appraisal costs as well as internal failure costs and costs of external failure.

Costs of