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Assignment Set – 1


  1. What do you mean by a “Warehouse”? Explain the challenges in Retail Warehousing in Fashion Retail. Write a note on “Retail Shrinkage”

Ans 1.

A warehouse is a designated location where goods and products are stored and managed before they are distributed to retailers or directly to consumers. It serves as a critical node in the supply chain, facilitating operations such as receiving, storing, and shipping items to ensure they reach their destinations efficiently and safely.

In the context of fashion retail, warehousing faces several unique challenges. One primary challenge is the management of a vast range of products that vary greatly in size, style, seasonality, and handling requirements.

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  1. Write a note on “Organization Structure in Merchandise Management”. Also, explain the different types of customers in Warehousing.

Ans 2.

The organization structure in merchandise management plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the right products are available at the right places and times to meet consumer demand. This structure typically revolves around several key functions, each critical to the flow of goods from suppliers to store shelves.

At the core, merchandise management is structured around planning, buying, moving, and selling goods. The planning team



  1. What do you understand by “Product Assortment Management”? Introduce the concept of “Retail Replenishment”. Describe the role of IT in Retail Replenishment.

Ans 3.

Product Assortment Management

Product Assortment Management is a crucial aspect of retail operations that involves selecting the right mix of products to meet customer demands and maximize sales. It entails determining the types and quantities of products to be stocked in each retail outlet, balancing a wide variety of choices with inventory costs and space constraints. Effective product assortment management considers factors such as consumer preferences, seasonal trends, market analysis, and historical sales data to ensure that the assortment aligns with targeted customer segments. This



Assignment Set – 2


  1. Discuss the Category Management Cycle. What is Inventory and Inventory Stock Analysis?

Ans 4.

Category Management Cycle

The Category Management Cycle is a systematic approach used in retail to optimize product categories as distinct business units. The cycle begins with category definition, where products are grouped based on consumer perceptions. Each category is assigned a specific role, such as ‘destination’ to attract customers, or ‘routine’ for everyday necessities, in the category role assignment stage. Following this, assessment of performance is conducted, analyzing sales data, profitability


  1. Explain the various methods of Stock Replenishment. Comment on the process of Inventory Control.

Ans 5.

Methods of Stock Replenishment

Stock replenishment is a critical process in inventory management, ensuring that inventory levels are maintained at optimal levels to meet customer demand without overstocking. Several methods are employed based on the business model, the nature of the products, and market demands:

  1. Continuous Replenishment: This method involves regular monitoring and replenishment of stock



  1. Explain the concept of Warehouse Structure and importance of Warehouse Information. Write a note on “Barcode Scanners”.

Ans 6.

Warehouse Structure

The warehouse structure refers to the physical setup and organizational layout of a warehouse that optimizes the flow and storage of inventory. An efficient warehouse structure is designed to minimize the distance goods must travel within the warehouse, streamline processes like picking and packing, and