DBB3222 Retail Project Property Management and Case Studies in Retail


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SESSION February 2024
PROGRAM BACHELOR of business administration (BBA)
course CODE & NAME DBB3222 –

Retail Project Property Management and Case Studies in Retail


30 Marks each


Assignment Set – 1st


  1. Describe the Duties of the property manager and characteristics of a property

Ans:The duties of a property manager encompass a wide range of responsibilities related to the effective management and maintenance of real estate. Property managers play a crucial role in ensuring that properties, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, operate smoothly and meet the needs of both owners and tenants.

Here are some key duties of a property manager:

Tenant Relations: Attracting and screening potential tenants. Facilitating lease agreements and renewals. Handling

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  1. Explain the Different Sources for buying a property

Ans:There are various sources for buying a property, and individuals can choose the option that best fits their financial situation, preferences, and goals.

Here are some common sources for purchasing real estate: 

Personal Savings:  Using personal savings is one of the most straightforward ways to buy a property. This involves using funds that have been saved over time, either in a savings account or other



  1. 3. Discuss the role of property in Business & property life cycle

Ans:The role of property is crucial in both business and the property life cycle. Properties serve as integral assets for businesses, providing a physical space for operations, investment opportunities, and potential for growth. The property life cycle encompasses the various stages a property goes through from acquisition to development, operation, and eventual disposition.

Let’s delve into the role of property in business and its life cycle: 

Role of Property in Business:



Assignment Set – 2nd



  1. Explain the different ways to Manage Retail Property

Ans:Managing retail property involves a range of tasks aimed at ensuring the smooth operation, maintenance, and profitability of retail spaces. Effective retail property management requires a combination of strategic planning, tenant relations, financial oversight, and customer-focused initiatives.

Here are different



  1. State factors Affecting Retail Property Value & Methods of property evaluation.

Ans: Factors Affecting Retail Property Value:

Location:  The location of a retail property is a critical factor influencing its value. Proximity to population centers, accessibility, visibility, and the surrounding neighbourhood’s demographics all play a role.

Foot Traffic and Visibility:  Retail properties with high foot traffic and visibility tend to have higher values. A busy location with good visibility can attract more customers, positively impacting the


  1. Enumerate Maintenance of Retail property with the help of suitable examples.

Ans:Maintenance of retail property is essential to ensure its functionality, appearance, and safety. Proper maintenance contributes to a positive shopping environment, tenant satisfaction, and the overall success of the retail space.

Here are key aspects of retail property maintenance along with suitable examples: 

Exterior Maintenance:  Landscaping: Regularly maintain green spaces, trim shrubs, and ensure the overall