DCA3104 Python Programming



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COURSE CODE & NAME DCA3104 – Python Programming



30 Marks each




Assignment Set – 1



1a.   Explain the features and application areas of python programming in detail.

1b.   What  are  the  different  types  of  data  types  used  in  python programming?


Ans 1a.

Features and Application Areas of Python Programming

Python is a versatile, high-level, and interpreted programming language, celebrated for its simplicity and readability. Here are its key features:

  1. Easy Syntax: Python’s syntax is designed to be clear and intuitive, making it perfect for beginners.
  2. Interpreted



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2a.   Explain membership and identity operators with example.

2b.   Discuss the use of else statement with for and while loop.


2a. Membership and Identity Operators:

In Python, membership and identity operators are used to test relationships between values or objects. They are often used in conditional statements to make decisions based on these relationships.

  1. Membership



3a.   Write a program to delete duplicate elements from list without using remove () function.

3b.   Explain the differences between list, tuple and set in detail.


Ans 3a.

Delete Duplicate Elements from a List

Here’s a simple program to delete duplicate elements from a list without using the remove() function:

def remove_duplicates(input_list):

# Empty list to hold unique elements





Assignment Set – 2


4a.“Hi, Python is very popular language”. Write a program to count the number of uppercase, lowercase characters, special characters and spaces in the above string.

4b. Explain the ways of deleting an element from dictionaries.


Ans 4a.

Program to count characters:


s = “Hi, Python is very popular language”


def count_



5a. Explain the difference between keyword arguments and variable length function with example.

5b. Write a program to create user defined exception and raise it.         


Ans 5a.


Difference between keyword arguments and variable-length functions with an example:

Keyword Arguments: Keyword arguments allow you to pass arguments to a function using their parameter names, which can make the code more readable and flexible. In Python, you specify keyword arguments by using the parameter name followed by an equals sign (=) and the value you want


6a. Write a program to implement any( ), all( ), sum( ), min( ), max( ), bool( ), bytes( ) functions. Explain their uses also.


Ans 6a.

Implementing Various Python Functions

In this section, I’ll provide Python code to implement some commonly used built-in functions and explain their uses: