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1.Explain the goal of E-Commerce? Discuss its various types in detail. Provide the real-life business examples for each type. 2 + 4 + 4 marks


Ans 1.


Goal of E-Commerce:

The primary goal of e-commerce is to enable buying and selling of products and services over the internet, making them available to a global audience in a convenient, efficient, and streamlined manner. This also helps in reducing costs, improving customer service, expanding market reach, and offering a variety of products and services to consumers.

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  1. What is reference model? Explain its various types and functionality in detail. 2 + 4

Ans 2.

A reference model is a conceptual blueprint that provides a standardized architectural framework for understanding, designing, and analyzing the various aspects of a communication network. Its primary aim is to aid in the design and development of communication protocols and network architectures.

The most

3.Perform a comparative study of traditional and modern marketing. The comparison must include at least 5 points against each type. Out of this at least one case study for both must be included.           

Ans 3.

Comparative Study of Traditional and Modern Marketing

Traditional Marketing:

Channels: Traditional marketing mainly uses offline channels such as television, radio, print (newspapers, magazines, brochures), outdoor billboards, and direct mail campaigns.

Geographical Reach: Limited to the geographical






4.What is the benefit of e-payment system in modern e- commerce? Explain at least 4 modern payment methods in detail.

Ans 4.

The benefits of e-payment systems in modern e-commerce are numerous, and they contribute to making online transactions more efficient, secure, and convenient for both businesses and consumers. Here are four key benefits of e-payment systems in modern e-commerce, followed by explanations of four modern




  1. Explain the importance of supply chain management for e-commerce. Provide the explanation with the help of any suitable case study from modern e-commerce.

Ans 5.

Supply chain management (SCM) plays a critical role in the success of e-commerce businesses, as it directly impacts their efficiency, customer satisfaction, and bottom line. Here, I will explain the importance of supply chain





  1. Explain the architecture   and   working   of   wireless application protocol.           

Ans 6.

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is a technology that enables access to the internet and other web-based services on mobile devices with limited resources, such as cell phones and PDAs. It was developed to provide a standardized way for these devices to access web content, email, and other internet services. Here’s an explanation of the architecture and working of WAP: