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  1. Define TCP and IP communication through suitable diagram?

Introduction to TCP/IP

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP/IP) is the backbone of internet communication. It’s a set of protocols that govern how data is sent and received across the internet or any network. IP (Internet Protocol) is responsible for addressing and routing packets of data, ensuring they reach the correct destination, while TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) ensures reliable and ordered delivery of this data.

How TCP/Its Half solved only

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  1. Explain data binding and its architecture through a proper diagram?

Data binding is a technique commonly used in software engineering to establish a connection between the user interface (UI) and data sources like databases or in-memory objects. This concept is vital for developing interactive applications where the data displayed on the UI needs to reflect changes in the underlying data source, and vice versa. In this essay, we will explore the architecture and



  1. How we can link a XML document with DTD? How can we transform a XML program in to HTML program?

Ans 3.

To discuss the linking of an XML document with a Document Type Definition (DTD) and the transformation of an XML program into an HTML program, we need to understand each step’s significance and process.

Linking an





  1. Define 3 stages of XML parser process through suitable diagram?

Ans 4.
XML parsing is a critical process in software development, allowing applications to read, manipulate, and write data in XML format. This process can be broken down into three distinct stages: parsing, processing, and serialization.

  1. Parsing

The first stage of the XML parser process is parsing. In this stage, the parser reads the raw XML data and transforms it into a more accessible structure, usually a Document Object Model (DOM) or an event-


  1. Describe various XMLHttpRequest object properties. How we can create a XMLHttp Request object. 10

Ans 5.

The XMLHttpRequest object is a cornerstone of Ajax programming in web development, allowing developers to create dynamic and responsive web applications by making asynchronous requests to the server without


  1. Identify the basic two categories of all the reasons we’d need to send XML to a server. And how we can receive a XML from server? 10

Ans 6.

XML, or Extensible Markup Language, is a flexible, structured language used for data representation and communication. Its usage in client-server interactions can be broadly categorized into two main types: data submission and configuration requests. Understanding these categories and how XML is received from a server is essential for efficient web development and data management.

Data Submission

Data submission is one of the