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SESSION April 2022


Assignment Set – 1st


  1. Discussthe remedies which are available to an aggrieved party in case of a breach of contract?

ANS: When a breach of contract occurs, the aggrieved party typically has a range of remedies available to seek redress for the harm suffered. The specific remedies that may be pursued can depend on various factors, such as the nature of the breach, the terms of the contract, and the governing law.


Here are some common remedies for breach of contract: 


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  1. Explain the essentials of a contract of sale.



Essentials of Valid Contracts


A brief description of the essentials of a valid contract is given below. A detailed explanation follows in the subsequent units.


  1. Minimum two parties: At least two parties are necessary to form a contract because one person cannot enter into a contract with himself. To form a contract, one party has to make an offer and the other must accept it. The person who makes the “proposal” or offer is called the



  1. “If you do not register your partnership firm you will be deprived of certain benefits”. With reference to this statement, discuss the effects of non-registration of a partnership firm.


ANS: The effects of non-registration of a partnership firm can vary depending on the jurisdiction, as different countries may have different legal requirements and regulations regarding partnership registration.


However, in general, there are several common effects of non-registration that are worth considering: 


Assignment Set – 2nd


  1. Discuss the different types of cyber-crimes which are committed?

ANS:Cyber-crime refers to criminal activities that are conducted through digital or computer networks, targeting individuals, organizations, or computer systems. The field of cyber-crime is vast and constantly evolving as technology advances.


Here are some of the different types of cyber-crimes that are commonly committed: 



  1. Discuss the different provisions laid down in District Forum, State Commission and National Commission.



A brief description of some of the important laws is given below.


A more detailed description will be dealt with in the ensuing units.


The Sale of Goods Act, 1930 This Act governs the contracts relating to Sale of Goods. It deals with the contracts for sale of movable property like vehicles, furniture etc. The Act has prescribed rules and provisions pertaining to modes of transferring movable goods. It contains provisions stipulating the rights and duties of buyers and sellers, as well as the means by which they can enforce the same. The need for a separate law governing contracts



  1. Discuss the duties of the conciliation officer? State the difference between strike, lockout and layoff.

ANS: The duties of a conciliation officer typically arise in the context of labor and employment disputes. Their role is to facilitate the resolution of conflicts between employers and employees through conciliation or mediation.


Here are some of the key duties of a