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SESSION Sep 2023
course CODE & NAME DCM2205-Human Resource Management



Set – 1



  1. Define Personnel Management. Differentiate between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management.

Ans: Personnel Management refers to the set of activities that are concerned with managing an organization’s workforce. It involves various functions related to the employees, such as recruitment, selection, training, compensation, and other aspects of managing human resources. Personnel Management traditionally focused on administrative tasks, maintaining employee records, handling payroll, and ensuring compliance with labour laws. It often had a more transactional and administrative orientation, treating employees as a means to achieve organizational goals.

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  1. What is the importance of Human Resource Planning? List the factors affecting Human Resource Planning.

Ans: Importance of Human Resource Planning (HRP):

Human Resource Planning (HRP) is a strategic process that ensures an organization has the right quantity and quality of human resources to achieve its objectives. The importance of HRP lies in its ability to align workforce capabilities with organizational goals and respond effectively to changes in the internal and external environment.

Here are key reasons


  1. Describe the concept of Job Analysis. Elaborate the process of job Analysis.

Ans: Job Analysis:  Job Analysis is a systematic process of gathering, documenting, and analyzing information about a job. The primary objective of job analysis is to provide a detailed and accurate understanding of a particular job’s requirements, responsibilities, tasks, and the skills and qualifications necessary for successful performance. This information is crucial for various HR activities, including job design, recruitment, selection, training, performance





Set – 2



  1. Discuss the concept of Performance Appraisal. Elaborate the process of Performance Appraisal. What issues should be taken care of while using a Performance Appraisal system?

Ans: Performance Appraisal:  Performance Appraisal, also known as performance evaluation or performance review, is a systematic process of assessing an employee’s job performance and providing feedback on their accomplishments and areas for improvement.

The primary goals of performance appraisal include enhancing communication between employees and supervisors, identifying areas for development, setting goals, and making decisions related to promotions, compensation, and training. It is a critical component of the performance


  1. Explain the methods of wage fixation. What are the pre-requisites of a good wage plan?

Ans: Methods of Wage Fixation:  Wage fixation refers to the process of determining the wage rates for different job positions within an organization. Various methods are used to establish fair and competitive wages. The choice of a particular method depends on factors such as industry practices, organizational policies, and the economic context.

Here are some common methods of


  1. Write short notes on

(a). Employee relations

(b). Employee empowerment

Ans:a. Employee Relations:  Employee relations refer to the overall management and cultivation of relationships between employers and employees within an organization. It encompasses the efforts to create and maintain a positive and productive work environment where there is mutual