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Set – 1

  1. Define Nouns and Pronouns. Elucidate the different types of Nouns.

Ans: A noun is a word used to refer to people, objects, animals, substances, events, states and feelings. A noun can be a subject or an object of a verb, can be modified by an adjective and can take an article or determiner.

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  1. Elaborate upon the steps of Copy editing in your own words.

Ans: Copy Editing is making grammar, spelling, punctuation, and semantics correct. It involves formatting variations and other enhancements to the document and also requires various abilities, including excellent language, an eye for detail, and alertness to find irregularities. Copyediting ensures that the true essence of the story reaches the audience. It is making sure that the facts quoted in the document are accurate. It draws the attention of authorities. In actuality, copy editing is a broad word that differs from one company to the next. As a result, some copy


  1. Describe Jargons, Slangs and Metaphors in detail giving appropriate

Ans: ‘Jargon’ refers to technical terms that belong to a particular subject area or discipline.


For example, medical jargon would include terms that only medical practitioners can understand. These terms cannot be understood by the common man.


Some of the terms in the medical jargon are, ’agonal’ meaning a major negative change in a patient’s


Set – 2

  1. What do you understand by Proofreading? Enlist the steps involved in proofreading.

Ans: Proofreading checks a copy to show perusing composed work and denoting any mistakes. These mix-ups most regularly include spelling, language, accentuation, and consistency. Proofreading is the ending of the editing process, and it focuses on minor problems like misspellings and grammatical andpunctuation faults. After completing all of your other editing



  1. Discuss the three parts of a sentence as well as the two Components of a sentence. Explain the different types of Sentences.

Ans:The three parts of a sentence and the two components of a sentence, as well as the different types of sentences.

Three Parts of a Sentence: A sentence typically consists of three essential parts: Subject: The subject is the part of the sentence that performs the action or is being described. It usually answers the question “Who?” or “What?” For example, in the sentence “John eats an apple,” “John” is the subject.

Verb: The



  1. Suppose you need to write a news script. Elucidate the writing methodology in detail.

Ans: News Scripts News script is the last update of any event or programme carried forward for the papers, blog, publication distributor, magazine, survey site. TV news is timely compared to print news writing that relates a bigger story, putting all the facts into context. News scriptwriting is a structural and strict process in the sense that it should cover all the relevant