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SESSION September 2023
course CODE & NAME DMJ6203; digital publishing

30 Marks each


Set – 1st



  1. How do the elements of typography, such as font, size, and spacing, contribute to the overall visual appeal of a design?

Ans:The elements of typography, including font choice, size, and spacing, play a crucial role in shaping the overall visual appeal of a design. These elements influence readability, convey the intended tone or mood, and contribute to the overall aesthetics.

Here’s how each of these elements contributes to the visual appeal of a design: 

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  1. Discuss the concept of input and output devices in computer systems. Provide examples and explain their roles in facilitating communication between users and computers.

Ans:Input and output devices are essential components of computer systems that facilitate the interaction between users and computers. These devices allow users to input data or commands into the


  1. Describe the key features and functions of any graphic editing software. Explain how it differs from other software tools used for image manipulation and design.

Ans:Graphic editing software is specialized software designed for creating, editing, and manipulating visual elements, such as images, graphics, and illustrations. One of the most popular and widely used graphic editing software is Adobe Photoshop. Here, I’ll describe the key features and functions of Adobe Photoshop and discuss how it differs from other software tools used for image




Set – 2nd


  1. Provide a detailed overview of the user interface in Adobe InDesign, highlighting the essential tools and panels available in the workspace.

Ans:Adobe InDesign is professional desktop publishing software used for creating print and digital documents. The user interface in Adobe InDesign is designed to provide a comprehensive workspace for layout design, typography, and document preparation.

Here’s a detailed overview of the key elements in the Adobe InDesign user interface: 

**1. Menu Bar:  The



  1. Provide an overview of some basic tools available in Adobe Photoshop. How are these tools used for editing and manipulating images?

Ans:Adobe Photoshop is a powerful image editing software with a wide range of tools that enable users to edit and manipulate images.

Here’s an overview of some basic tools available in Adobe Photoshop and how they are used for


  1. Describe how colour theory and psychology can be utilized to evoke specific emotions or moods in design.

Ans:Colour theory and psychology play significant roles in design, influencing the way individuals perceive and respond to visual stimuli. By understanding the principles of color, designers can strategically use colors to evoke specific emotions, moods, and responses in their audience.

Here’s a