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SESSION September 2023
PROGRAM Master of Commerce
course CODE & NAME DCM6203 Marketing Management


Set – 1ST



  1. What is marketing? Explain its importance.

Ans:The meaning of marketing has been clearly brought out by the following definitions: In the words of C.C. Knight, “Marketing embraces all efforts made in the discovery of consumers’ actual and potential requirements for commodities and services and the steps taken to secure their actual distribution.”

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  1. What is Marketing Information System? What are its advantages?

Ans: A Marketing Information System (MIS) is a structured and systematic approach to collecting, processing, storing, and disseminating information relevant to an organization’s marketing activities. The purpose of an MIS is to support decision-making within the marketing function by providing timely, accurate, and actionable information.

Here are key components and advantages


  1. Explain the stages of ‘Product Life Cycle’.

Ans:Product Life Cycle As every being has life; a product has its life. Industrial goods may have a longer life than consumer goods. When a product idea is commercialised, the product enters into the market and competes with the rivals, for making sales and earning profits. Products, like human beings, have life span. This has been described as life cycle in human beings and when


Set – 2ND


  1. What is consumer behaviour? What are the factors determining consumer behaviour?

Ans:Consumer behaviour: The mental and emotional processes and the observable behaviour of consumers during searching, purchasing, postconsumption ion of a product or service.

Marketing Information System (MIS):  A Marketing Information System (MIS) is a systematic process for collecting, analyzing, storing, and distributing information related to the marketing activities of


  1. What is CRM? Explain its advantages

Ans:Customer Relationship Management (CRM) essentially is a business strategy that has is developed around the customer. Being customer-centric, its modus operandi is to maximize revenue by developing valuable long-lasting relationships with customers by improving interactions at each touch point. Dependent on a better understanding of customers, their buying patterns


  1. Explain the Fundamentals of sales promotion.

Ans:Sales Promotion:  Sales promotion involves a set of marketing activities aimed at stimulating consumer purchasing, increasing product demand, and accelerating the sales process. Sales promotions are typically short-term strategies designed to provide incentives for customers to make immediate purchases or take specific actions.

Here are the fundamentals of sales promotion: 

Objectives:  Increase