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PROGRAM MASTER of business administration (MBA)
course CODE & NAME DHRM303 – Employee Relations Management

30 Marks each




Assignment Set – 1



  1. What is employee relations management? Explain the tools of term in detail.


Ans 1.

Employee Relations Management

Employee Relations Management (ERM) is a vital business process that manages employer employee and employee-employee relations. It goes by the maxim that ‘a satisfied employee is a productive employee’. Organisations following good employee relations realise that employees are important stakeholders in the organisation. Employees who are content with their employers contribute more effectively towards the goals of the organisation. This unit explains the importance of ERM in organisations and the organisational aspects that govern employee relations in Its Half solved only

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  1. Write short note on the following:
  2. A) Functional Level Strategy
  3. B) Employee Survey


Ans 2.

Functional Level Strategy

Functional level strategy is concerned with how different units of the business (marketing, finance, manufacturing, personnel) transform corporate and business level strategies into operational goals. According to Johnson and Scholes, functional strategy describes “how the component parts of an organisation in terms of resources, processes, people and their skills are pulled together to


  1. Explain ERG and Two factor theory of motivation in detail.


Ans 3.

ERG Theory

To bring Maslow’s need hierarchy theory of motivation in synchronisation with empirical research, Clayton Alderfer redefined it in his own terms. His theory is called the ERG theory of motivation. He re-categorised Maslow’s hierarchy of needs into three simpler and broader classes of needs



Assignment Set – 2



  1. What do you mean by Trade Union? Explain the functions of Trade Union in detail.


Ans 1.

Trade Union

They promote and protect employee interests. Trade unions help in making decisions by following the process of collective bargaining and negotiations with the management. Good trade unions improve communication between the management and the employees. They also help in settling industrial disputes. For example, the United States has a fewer number of unions compared to the



  1. Explain the methods of employee participation in detail.


Ans 2.

Methods of employee participation

Employee participation is the process by which workers take part in the decision-making processes and do not just blindly follow the instructions of their supervisors. Employee participation is essential for their empowerment in an organisation.

Empowerment implies



  1. What is Negotiation? Explain any four conditions of Negotiation in detail with suitable example.


Ans 3.


Unions discuss with employers’ issues that influence people working in an organisation. There may be differences of opinion and interest between organisation and union members. Trade unions bargain with the management of the organisation and try to find a solution to these differences. Pay, working hours, holidays and changes to working practices are the issues that are commonly