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course CODE & NAME DMBA301 Research methodology


Assignment Set – 1

  1. Explain the meaning of Research and further discuss various types of research.

Ans: Research is a very common word that refers to search for knowledge’.

We need to classify the research for our convenience.

It may be according to:

  1. The purpose of research
  2. The uses of research
  3. Handling of time Its Half solved only

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  1. Discuss various methods of primary data collection.

Ans: Primary data is data obtained for the first time and thus is unique. This information is in the form of raw material. Also, data collected at the source is referred to as primary data. It is obtained at the point of collection. It is derived directly from first-hand sources through surveys, observations, and


  1. Discuss various types of questions in questionnaire and their need in questionnaire.

Ans: Questionnaires are a common tool for collecting data in survey research. They consist of a series of questions designed to gather specific information from respondents. The types of questions used in a questionnaire can vary based on the research objectives and the type of data being sought.

Here are some common types of questions in a questionnaire and their need:




Assignment Set – 2

  1. Explain Editing. Discuss various types of editing.

Ans: Editing is the primary step in the data processing. Editing is the process of analyzing data, collected in a survey, to identify errors and omissions and to see that they are corrected and ready for tabulation.

After all the required data is


  1. Discuss the structure and various components of research report

Ans: A research report is a document that communicates the findings, methodology, analysis, and conclusions of a research study. It serves as a comprehensive record of the research process and outcomes.

While the specific structure and components may vary depending on the field of study and the nature of


  1. A random sample of 395 people in a country were surveyed to find out if gender is independent of education level. Each person was asked to report the highest education level they had obtained.

The data that resulted from the survey is summarized in the following table:


Formulate the hypothesis and test that are gender and education level dependent at 5% level of statistical significance?

Ans: To test the hypothesis of whether gender is independent of education level, we can use the chi-squared test of independence.

The null hypothesis (