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Assignment Set – 1


  1. What do you understand by term Research, discuss and explain its various types.

Ans 1.

Research is a systematic and detailed study into a specific problem, issue, or concern using scientific methods. It’s the adult’s way of trying to understand an issue thoroughly and objectively while looking for a solution or contributing to knowledge. This process involves gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information to answer questions or solve a problem, and it can be carried out in various fields like science, arts, humanities, and social sciences.

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  1. Discuss various methods of primary and secondary data collection.

Ans 2.

Primary and secondary data collection are crucial methods in research, each with distinct approaches and purposes. Let’s delve into these methods, emphasizing more on descriptive paragraphs rather than headings.

Primary Data Collection

Primary data collection involves gathering new data directly from sources. This is typically done when existing data does not suffice or is not applicable to the specific research problem. Methods of primary data collection vary, but some of the most common include surveys, interviews,


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  1. Discuss the term questionnaire and types of questions questionnaire should have with examples.

Ans 3.

A questionnaire is a research instrument consisting of a series of questions designed to gather information from respondents. The primary objective of a questionnaire is to extract data in a standardized manner, ensuring that each respondent is presented with the same questions in a similar order. This consistency makes the responses easier to analyze and compare.

There are several types of questions that a questionnaire can include, each serving different purposes and providing various




Assignment Set – 2


  1. Explain Hypothesis. Discuss various types of hypothesis.

Ans 4.

A hypothesis is a fundamental component in the scientific method, serving as a tentative explanation or prediction about a phenomenon or a relationship between variables. It’s a starting point for scientific inquiry, offering a testable and falsifiable statement based on existing knowledge and observations. In essence, a hypothesis is an educated guess about how things work.

There are various types of hypotheses, each


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  1. Discuss the structure and various components of research report

Ans 5.

Writing a research report involves presenting findings in a structured and coherent manner. The purpose of a research report is to communicate the methods, results, analysis, and conclusions of a research study in a clear and organized way. The structure of a research report typically includes several key components, which are discussed below in a more paragraph-centric style, with fewer headings,



  1. A survey of farmers yields following data:
No of Farmers No of Farmers Who Total
  Own Farms Rented Farms  
Using Fertilizers 50 50 100
Not Using Fertilizers 30 70 100
Total 80 120 200


Can it be concluded that use of fertilizers is related to ownership of the farms?(Tabulate value to refer is 3.84)


Ans 3.

Category 1 Category 2 Total
Group 1 50 50 100
Group 2 30 70 100
Total 80 120 200


Hypothesis Test