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course CODE & NAME DITF303 & Technology Management 
numbers OF ASSIGNMENTS & Marks 02

30 Marks each



Assignment Set – 1


  1. Explain the purpose of technology management in any industry or firm. Also, discuss the formal process framework for effective technology management

Ans 1.

Purpose of Technology Management:

Technology management refers to the design, planning, implementation, monitoring, and control of technological systems, strategies, and policies within a company. It plays a vital role in modern businesses due to the following reasons:

Improving Operational Efficiency: Through proper technology management, businesses can automate

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  1. Discuss technology forecasting. How it is important for any enterprise for competing in the market?

Ans 2.

Technology Forecasting

In this age and time Technology plays a pivotal role for any business, government and society. In the developing and underdeveloped countries developing and utilizing technology capabilities is lacking and thereby making them technologically backward. At the same time, there




  1. Give contrast to technology adaption, absorption, and diffusion. Give an example of technology package while acquiring a technology

Ans 3.

Technology Adaption

Technology Adoption is the initial decision or action by an individual or organization to utilize a new technology or system. Adoption is generally the first step in the larger process of technological integration. This is when the technology is first introduced to an individual, group, or organization and they decide to implement it.

For example, a company may decide to adopt a new project management software to increase productivity



Assignment Set – 2


  1. Explore the rationale behind the practice of technology transfer. Describe in detail the process that will be used to transfer the technology.

Ans 1.

Technology transfer refers to the process of moving technological advances from research environments to commercial markets, with the goal of bringing new products and services to the public. This process is fundamental in the development of new businesses, economic growth, and



  1. If you have access to a particular piece of technology, how do you plan to evaluate it in terms of how it will affect the productivity of any given organization?

Ans 2.

Evaluating a piece of technology’s potential impact on an organization’s productivity involves a comprehensive examination of various key areas. Here are several steps to undertake in this process.

Define the Evaluation Criteria: Start by determining the exact productivity metrics the organization seeks to improve. It could be reducing operational time, increasing output, reducing errors, or improving communication, among others. Tailoring evaluation criteria to the organization’s specific needs will make the analysis more relevant.

Understand the Technology: Gain an in-depth understanding of the technology in question, its intended use, and its




  1. Provide an overview of the progression of technology for any organization. Also, discuss the major factors that had an impact on the development of the technology.

Ans 3.

The progression of technology within any organization is typically an evolutionary process, responding to the changing demands of the market and the growth of innovative possibilities. For illustration purposes, let’s consider the technology evolution in a hypothetical leading global retail company