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Assignment Set – 1


  1. Our corporation has recently implemented a Business Intelligence system. Evaluate the impact of Business Intelligence on the company’s decision-making processes and overall performance. Discuss specific examples of how Business Intelligence has added value to the organization.

Ans 1.

Business Intelligence (BI) has revolutionized the way corporations make decisions and assess their overall performance. By integrating BI systems, companies are now equipped with powerful tools to analyze data, gain insights, and make informed decisions. This essay evaluates the impact of Business Intelligence on a company’s decision-making processes and overall performance, highlighting specific

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  1. Compare and contrast two different methods of evaluating Business Intelligence tools. Take a real-world example of a company that has implemented Business Intelligence and analyze how these evaluation methods could have influenced the selection and success  of the BI  tools  in  that  specific context.     

Ans 2.

Evaluating Business Intelligence (BI) tools is a critical process for organizations seeking to enhance their data-driven decision-making capabilities. Two prevalent methods for evaluating BI tools are the Feature-Based Evaluation and the Use-Case Driven Evaluation. This essay will compare and contrast these methods and analyze their application in the context of Starbucks’ implementation


  1. Explore a scenario where a company failed to effectively convert large amounts of corporate data into useful information. Analyze the reasons behind this failure and propose strategies that could have been implemented to improve the company’s business intelligence environment and platform.

Ans 3.

In the contemporary business landscape, the effective conversion of corporate data into useful information is pivotal for decision-making and strategic planning. However, many companies struggle with this transformation. Let’s explore a scenario where a company, XYZ Corp, failed in this endeavor and analyze the reasons behind this failure.

Identification of


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Assignment Set – 2


  1. Examine a scenario where a company experienced issues related to data quality management. Discuss the impact of poor data quality on decision-making processes and suggest strategies for improving data quality, considering the values of a good design flow for information.

Ans 4.

In a recent case, a mid-sized tech company faced significant challenges due to poor data quality management. The company, which relied heavily on customer data for market analysis and product development, began noticing inconsistencies in their data sets. Duplicate records, outdated information


  1. Investigate a real-world application where data mining has been employed to gain insights. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using data mining in that specific context and discuss any ethical or global issues that may arise from the mining process.

Ans 5.

Data mining, a process of extracting valuable information from large datasets, has found significant applications in various sectors, including healthcare. In healthcare, data mining is employed to uncover patterns and relationships in medical data, which can lead to improvements in patient care, diagnosis, and treatment strategies. This essay delves into the application of data mining in healthcare, analyzing its advantages and disadvantages, and discussing the


  1. Explore a case where a company transitioned from online transfer processing to online analytical processing. Evaluate the impact of this transition on the organization’s ability to make informed decisions and discuss the benefits of using different data models for multidimensional databases.

Ans 6.

Transitioning from Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) to Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) represents a significant shift in how a company manages and utilizes its data. This transition often marks a move from a focus on operational efficiency to a more strategic, data-driven approach to