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SESSION       AUG/SEP 2023





Assignment Set – 1

  1. Define Leadership. What are Personal Characteristics of an Effective Leadership?

Ans: Almost after a century, leadership scholars are still debating over the core ideology of leadership. While some continue to differentiate leaders and management, others focus on traits and relational parameters of leadership. Thus, the bottom line – leadership is a complex process and cannot be defined through a single definition as it still has different perspectives among diverse people. Moreover, due to generational and global influences, the take on leadership gets

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  1. What is Contingency Theory? Discuss in detail.

Ans: Contingency theory is another approach of leadership. The speculation of contingency theory emphasizes the leader’s personality and the environment, situation in which leader perform functions. The idea behind this theory is that it focuses on the context of leadership, which suggests however well the leadership technique followed in a particular situation.

A leader needs to mould his/her techniques as per the circumstances to ensure that he/she gets success


  1. Who coined the term Group and what do you mean by Group Dynamics?

Ans: Kurt Lewin is one of the first researchers to suggest that groups are quite dynamic and powerful and they have the power to influence individuals and communities. He was the one who coined the terminology. The term ‘group dynamics’ means that changes in a group can affect our actions and reactions within a group structure. If you are willing to understand a group, it is important





Assignment Set – 2


  1. What is Motivation? Discuss impact of Motivation on Personality and Organisation.

Ans: Motivation giving your staff the correct combination of direction, course, assets and rewards so they are encouraged and quickly do work as per your preferences. In this way, a considerable part behind these challenges can undoubtedly be settled by bestowing appropriate motivation. We generally need to remember that workers are not motivated exclusively by cash-only, but appreciation at the workplace, promotion, etc., at their current position is also


  1. What is the significance of organisational culture? What is the outcome-oriented culture in an organization?

Ans: Organisational culture focuses on how employees intercept characteristics like structure, autonomy, reward, conflict and other considerations. In common language, it is also known as corporate culture. Alternately we can also call it a company’s norms, values, protocols, and accepted standards. This helps guide the behaviour of people within the organisation. As organisational culture helps in shaping the environment of the workplace and directs the behaviour of employees. This becomes crucial in understanding the relationship between



  1. Discuss Ethical leadership and its dark sides in detail.

Ans: Time and again, we have failed in agreeing on what is ethical and moral. A common definition suggests Ethics is the study of standards and protocols associated with one’s moral judgment, standards of conduct and moral philosophy of a specific profession, religion or group.


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