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SESSION Feb-mar- 2024
course CODE & NAME DMBA403 & Business Leadership


Assignment Set – 1



  1. Explain the Concept of Leadership. Along with that, describe the Trait Theory of Leadership. Describe any two sources of Power.

Ans: Leadership is a systematic process where a leader plays a vital role, and there are a few team members, employees, and groups under these leaders. The leader provides the right direction to the sub-ordinates and the members, influences them, supports them, and works collectively with them to achieve goals and objectives of the organisation. The goals are usually framed by top-level management or by the organisation. All members report to leaders, they ask for suggestions from them, etc. Without an effective leader in an organisation, it isn’t

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  1. Explain the Significance of Self-Management in the role of Leader. Also comment on the “Contingency Theory of Leadership.”

Ans: Significance refers to the importance of the concept we are currently studying:-

Here we understood the concept of self-management, so now we will understand the significance means, the importance of self-management in one’s life or in a leader’s life.

  • When we have strong self-management skills, we tend to be more successful at work
  • The skills help us to stay productive
  • It helps us to find ways to


  1. What do you understand by Group Dynamics? Introduce the concept of 360° Feedback and Ethical Leadership.

Ans: Group Dynamics– Kurt Lewin suggested that groups are quite dynamic and powerful and can influence individuals and communities. The term ‘group dynamics’ means that changes in a group can affect our actions and reactions within a group structure. If you are willing to understand a group, it is important to understand and analyse its dynamics.

Lewin is one of the



Assignment Set – 2


  1. Discuss the Leadership Challenges. Write a note on Followership Culture and Leadership.

Ans: Being a leader is not quite a cakewalk. In fact, to be very Honesty, managing people is one of the most challenging tasks. You really need to extract the best out of your team members and handhold them even in the worst situations. We all want to lead a team, but have we ever realized what are the challenges faced by a leader? Remember, a leader is just like the captain of a ship. One

  1. Explain the sources of Motivation. Also discuss the Model of four Competencies of Leadership.

Ans: Motivation is usually described as the force that impacts the direction, intensity, and endurance to drive a person’s voluntary choice to pursue a goal (the desired outcome). The term motivation is based on the Latin word ‘movere’ which means ‘to move’. Every individual defines motivation differently, but they all end up in the same conclusion and the significant elements in each


  1. Describe the components of Leadership. Study the example of any one corporate leader and explain which theory he/she is following in real life.

Ans: Components/Elements of Leadership

  1. Relationship Management: It is important that a leader maintains an effective relationship with all people in the workplace. Even though it is very important for the leader to maintain this relationship, it is also a challenging task.

If a leader understands the problems faced by team members and builds a strong relationship with them, it helps them in achieving goals effectively and efficiently in the long run. As a part of the work, the

f Leadership