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SESSION Jan/Feb 2023
course CODE & NAME DMJ6105– Concept of news and reporting


Assignment Set – 1

  1. What are news values? Explain with examples.

Ans:News values are determined by a set of simple factors or “news elements,” like proximity, influence, change, prominence, conflict, topic, usefulness, and rarity. Reporters typically consider seven news elements when making reporting decisions.

Any organisation producing content use the following seven news elements as a starting point and general

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  1. What is a “Headline”? Explain different types of headlines in example?

Ans:Headlines are the main piece of your article composing. The primary thing can command the notice of your reader or web guest. Your headlines are your first genuine place of association with your forthcoming client, so you need to get them right. Your headlines are imperative to your reader as it is an extraordinary pointer of your actual ‘conduct.’

Types of


  1. “Inverted pyramid style of news writing helps in better understanding of news”. Explain the statement.

Ans:The statement “Inverted pyramid style of news writing helps in better understanding of news” is accurate. The inverted pyramid style is a widely used approach in news writing where the most important information is presented at the beginning of the article, followed by supporting details in descending order of importance. This structure allows readers to quickly grasp the main points of



Assignment Set – 2

  1. “Information gathering is a technique as well as an art”. Explain the statement how various techniques and sources that are used for gathering news.

Ans:The statement “Information gathering is a technique as well as an art” highlights the dual nature of gathering news. It involves both technical skills and a creative approach to gather accurate and compelling information. Journalists employ various techniques and sources to gather news, combining their


  1. Write short notes on the following:
  2. a) Reporting Ethics

Ans: Reporting ethics refers to the principles and guidelines that journalists and media organizations adhere to when gathering, verifying, and disseminating news stories. Ethical journalism aims to provide accurate, fair, and responsible reporting that upholds the public’s right to information and serves the public interest.

Here are some key



  1. What is a vox pop? Explain the different types of Vox-Pop.

Ans:’Vox Pop’ comes from the Latin word ‘vox populi’, which means ‘Voice of People’. The Vox Pop is used in media to provide a snapshot of public opinion. Various random questions are asked in vox pop to have people’s views on a particular topic and presented to reflect popular opinion. Vox pops can be published in newspapers or recorded for radio and televis