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PROGRAM MASTER of business administration (MBA)
course CODE & NAME DOMS302& Enterprise Resource PLanniNG

30 Marks each


Assignment Set – 1


  1. What is Enterprise? Explain the benefits of ERP.

Ans 1.

Benefits of ERP are enormous needless to mention the systematic mapping of the domain process will capture the entire routing of the process followed in the organization–This supports in identifying the flaws & in consistencies if any in the process and more importantly gives an opportunity to correct the same in conjunction with others stake holders in the process line- This is the greatest and simple most advantage of ERP, let’s try and

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  1. Write short note on following:
  2. Effectiveness of ERP and related technologies in terms of Supply Chain Management.

Ans 2(a).

There are several parameters which can be gauging the Operational effectiveness of the enterprise resource planning major among them are: 1. Integration of business processes: this is the first and primary aspect for effective and clear advantage of implementation enterprise resource planning, all financial, operational, sales and customer management, human resource management processes along with industry specific requirements and governance


  1. Different types of ERP tools and its application

Ans 2(b).

Important & popular tools of ERP are as follows:

  • Database Management Tool
  • Content management systems
  • Repository applications
  • Transactional database

Regardless of the type of ERP tool we select, we have the option of hosting it locally-


  1. Write notes on the following:
  2. Advantage of ERP in HR

Ans 3a.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has brought a tremendous change in how organizations manage their resources, including human resources (HR). In HR management, ERP provides multiple advantages that streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance decision-making.

  1. Increased Efficiency: The fundamental advantage of using ERP in HR is the increased efficiency it brings to HR processes. Traditionally, HR tasks like


  1. Limitation in Sales & Distribution and Production planning module

Ans 3(b).

Sales & Distribution and Production planning module

  • Improper-Unrealistic MPS-Master Production Schedule
  • Combining Different process & functions
  • Interruptions in follow-Up
  • Variations in the Industry Forecasting

Assignment Set – 2

  1. Explain in detail the implementation and Transaction of inventory management in Web ERP.

Ans 1.

We all are aware that enterprise Resource Planning is software dedicated to business management. This software can take the form of a web-based system or a mobile app that integrates features designed to manage specific operational processes at remote and applications from remote as well.

The Enterprise Resource Planning inventory management is a system that allows business on


  1. Write a detail note on:
  2. Major ERP vendor & their market share

Ans 2a.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendors have transformed businesses globally, offering integrated solutions to manage business processes. In India, the market has grown significantly due to digital transformation and the need for efficient, centralized systems.

SAP continues to dominate the ERP market in India, boasting a market share of nearly 23% as of 2023. SAP’s ERP systems provide robust solutions for finance, logistics, and human


Ans 2b.

Overview of Disruptive face of ERP          

The ERP landscape has been experiencing a seismic shift due to technological advancements. The disruptive face of ERP is characterized by the transition from on-premises to cloud-based systems, the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and an emphasis on user experience.

Cloud-based ERP solutions have emerged as a game-changer. These solutions offer greater


  1. Write notes on the following:

Ans 3(a).

  1. ERP in CRM perspective

Customer relationship is an important aspect in any type of organization which takes care of the customer needs and market demands more leaning towards service after sales.

Customer relationship management-CRM is the combination of several practices, number of strategies and technological amalgamation that organization’s use to manage and analyze


  1. Implementation of ERP in CRM

Ans 3(b).

Mapping of CRM is as crucial as similar to a implementation of ERP in an organization, keeping in mind the CRM process is a strategy for keeping every customer interaction personalized and meaningful.

Consumers today expect personalized attention & experience catering to them on individuals