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SESSION Aug/September 2023
PROGRAM Master of business administration (BBA)
course CODE & NAME DRMM301 – Enterprise Resource Planning

30 Marks each



Assignment Set – 1st



  1. Describe the criteria for a successful selection of ERP. What are the basic building blocks of BPMN?

Ans: Criteria for a Successful Selection of ERP: 

Selecting an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a critical decision for organizations, and several criteria should be considered to ensure a successful implementation.

Here are key criteria for the selection of ERP: 

Business Requirements Analysis:  Understand and document the organization’s specific business processes, needs, and requirements. This analysis should involve stakeholders from different departments to ensure a Its Half solved only

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  1. Name the Types and the advantages of approaches in Data warehousing. Give a brief about the organization’s framework for security and control.

Ans: Types of Approaches in Data Warehousing: 

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW): 

Description: EDW is a centralized repository that consolidates data from various sources across an entire organization. It provides a comprehensive and unified view of business data.

Advantages: Centralized data for cross-functional analysis. Standardized and consistent data across the organization.




  1. How does virtual reality (VR) aid in training, and what are some of the problems with VR? What are the key drivers shaping digital trends?

Ans: Virtual Reality (VR) in Training:  Virtual Reality has gained prominence in training and education due to its immersive and interactive nature.

Here’s how VR aids in training: 

Realistic Simulations:  VR provides realistic simulations of environments and scenarios, allowing trainees to experience situations that might be impractical, expensive, or risky in the real world. This is particularly beneficial for fields such as aviation, healthcare, and military trainin


Assignment Set – 2nd



  1. What are the advantages and challenges of Just in Time? What is the purpose of evaluating a salesperson?

Ans: Advantages of Just in Time (JIT): 

Cost Reduction:  JIT helps in reducing inventory carrying costs as companies maintain minimal inventory levels. This includes costs associated with storage, insurance, and handling of excess


  1. What are your greatest skills in inventory management? How the ERP is used in human resource processes?

Ans:As a machine learning model created by OpenAI, I don’t possess personal skills or experiences.

However, I can provide information on skills typically associated with effective inventory management and how ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are used in human resource processes.




  1. How to build a customer loyalty program? What are the future prospects of ERP?

Ans: Building a Customer Loyalty Program:  A customer loyalty program is a strategic initiative to encourage repeat business and build a long-term relationship with customers.

Here are steps to build an effective customer loyalty program: 

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