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SESSION Apr 2023
course CODE & NAME DCA2102 – Database management System


Set – I

  1. Explain various storage devices and their characteristics.

Ans:There are several types of storage devices used to store and retrieve data in modern computing systems. Each storage device has its own characteristics, including capacity, speed, durability, and portability.

Here are some of the

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  1. Explain the distinctions among the terms primary key, candidate key, and super-key.

Ans:In database management systems, the terms primary key, candidate key, and superkey are used to describe different aspects of identifying and uniquely representing data within a table.

Here are their distinctions: 

Superkey: A superkey


  1. What do you mean by E_R Modelling? What are the steps in ER Modelling. Explain

Ans:ER Modeling, also known as Entity-Relationship Modeling, is a conceptual modeling technique used in software engineering and database design to represent and analyze the relationships between entities in a system.

It helps in understanding the structure and organization of data and is widely used in the design and development of


Set – IInd

  1. Differentiate between
  2. Centralized and Distributed database
  3. Hierarchical and Network database

Ans:A. Centralized Database:

  • A centralized database is a single, unified database that is stored and managed in a central location.
  • All data and database operations are controlled and accessed from a single point.
  • It is typically located on a single server or a set of closely connected servers. Users access the database



  1. What is fourth normal form and fifth normal form? Explain with an example.

Ans:Fourth Normal Form (4NF): Fourth Normal Form (4NF) is a level of database normalization that addresses certain types of multi-valued dependencies in a relational database. It builds upon the concepts of the first, second, and third normal forms (1NF, 2NF, and 3NF) and

  1. Discuss different Operations in Relational Algebra? Explain each operation by giving suitable example.

Ans:Relational algebra is a mathematical query language used to perform operations on relational databases. It provides a set of operations for manipulating and retrieving data from relational databases.

Here are the main