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PROGRAM MASTERS of business administration (MBA)
course CODE & NAME DHRM301-Manpower planning & sourcing

30 Marks each



Assignment set – 1



  1. Discuss the steps in manpower planning process.


Ans 1.

Steps in manpower planning process

An organization which is understaffed loses on account of economies of scale, loses out on orders, customers and profits. An organization which is overstaffed wastes its money on people who are not productive. To lay-off people, the company ahs to shell out severance pay or notice period pay of 3 months, face legal challenges and also political challenges. One of the pitfalls of overstaffing



  1. Explain the delphi technique of demand forecasting.


Ans 2.

Delphi technique of demand forecasting

Forecasting is an expensive way to help a company plan and prepare for the future years. Forecasting is an educated guess of how much manpower will be required and utilized by an organization. It is a tool used to help in budgeting, allocating finances and hiring the right number of employees. Forecasting gives an idea about the availability of the quality (knowledge, skill, values

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  1. Outline the components of resourcing strategy with suitable examples.

Ans 3.

Components of resourcing strategy

The important components of resourcing strategy are:

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Employee



Assignment set – 2



  1. Compare performance management and performance appraisal.


Ans 1.

Performance Management

Performance Management includes activities to ensure that organizational goals are consistently met in an effective and efficient manner. It drives the employees to perform better and meet or exceed standards of performance. Every time the performance exceeds expectations


  1. Explain the various tests used in selection process for hiring the suitable candidate highlighting its importance for an organisation.

Ans 2.

The selection process for hiring suitable candidates is multifaceted, involving numerous assessments designed to evaluate the potential employee’s skills, capabilities, personality traits, and fit for the organization. These tests can take many forms, and they play a crucial role in ensuring the



  1. Describe the causes of employee turnover in an organization.

Ans 3.

Causes of employee turnover

Employee turnover is an important aspect that affects the manpower planning strategy of the organization. When an employee leaves a company, the employee takes with him the knowledge and experience he has gained, which cannot be monetarily measured aor easily recreated. Employee turnover is a ratio comparison of the number of employees a company must replace, in a given time period to the average number of total employees. In order to reduce the employee turnover, many organizations closely observe the employee exits. They make a proper plan for exit interviews to identify the causes of employee turnover and also find suitable practices