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SESSION MArch 2023
course CODE & NAME DMJ6103 Fundamentals of Photography


Set – 1

  1. What are the fundamental principles of photography and how do they impact the final image?

Ans:The fundamental principles of photography are the basic concepts and techniques that guide photographers in capturing compelling and visually appealing images. Understanding these principles is crucial for controlling the technical aspects of photography and creating impactful

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  1. What is the importance of lighting in photography, and how can different lighting techniques be used to create different moods and emotions in an image?

Ans:Lighting plays a crucial role in photography, as it has a significant impact on the overall mood, atmosphere, and emotional tone of an image. Understanding how to use different lighting techniques can help photographers create specific moods and evoke desired emotions.

Here’s an


  1. What is the difference between manual and auto mode? What are the basic rules of composition in photography?

Ans: The difference between manual and auto mode in photography lies in how the camera settings are controlled: 

Manual Mode: In manual mode, the photographer has full control over all the camera settings, including aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and focus. The photographer manually adjusts these settings based on their creative intent, the lighting conditions, and the desired



Set – 2

  1. What are some common challenges faced by photographers, and what techniques can be used to overcome them and achieve successful results?

Ans: Photography comes with its own set of challenges, regardless of the genre or skill level of the photographer.

Here are some common challenges faced by photographers and techniques to overcome them: 

Lighting Challenges: Low Light: In situations with low light, use a wider aperture (lower f-stop) to allow more light into the camera or increase the ISO to boost the sensor’s sensitivity. Alternatively, use a tripod


  1. What is the golden rule in photography? What is the difference between mobile and traditional photography?

Ans: The “golden rule” in photography is not a widely recognized term or principle. It may be a misinterpretation or confusion with the “rule of thirds,” which is a commonly known guideline in photography composition. The rule of thirds suggests dividing the frame into a grid of nine equal parts by drawing two horizontal lines and two vertical lines.

The main subject or points of interest are ideally placed along these lines or at their intersections.  While the golden rule is not a specific concept in photography, there are several other


  1. How does the use of different camera angles and perspectives affect the visual storytelling of an image, and what are some common techniques used in this regard?

Ans: The use of different camera angles and perspectives can greatly impact the visual storytelling of an image. By changing the viewpoint, photographers can evoke specific emotions, convey messages, emphasize certain elements, and create a unique narrative.

Here’s how camera angles and